Wild West Story (fiction)

It was an ordinary day at the Jeub house. Cynthia was feeling better, and the little Jeubs were enjoying a nice warm breakfast while listening to Dad read from “The Lord of the Rings”. After breakfast, Dad shared an idea with them. “I have an idea,” Dad had said. “Why don’t all of you get dressed up and go outside and play ‘The lone ranger’ and make up your own story.” So, after we had cleaned up breakfast, we got all dressed up. But as soon as we stepped outside, they were no longer themselves nor were we in our own back yard. They were in the Wild West, inside their imaginations.


Noah found himself looking out through the branches of a tree, watching, watching. He watched a deadly fight between his master, Evil Isaac, and his enemy, the Masked Man. His name was now Nasty Nathan, and he was ready at all times to jump from his perch in the tree to aid his master, Evil Isaac.


Lydia found herself stranded in the wilderness, away from anyone else. She soon realized that an earthquake was in process around her. She slid down a violently shaking cliff, and could remember nothing more.


Micah found himself also shaking, but not quite from an earthquake. He realized that he was on the back of brown-speckled horse, carrying a hand gun in his belt. He did not remember that his name was Micah, but that it was the Masked Man.

He looked around and found himself in a vast wilderness, with the evil villain, Isaac. Isaiah no longer remembered that his name was Isaiah, nor that the man riding near him was his brother, Micah. But thought that Micah was the masked man, and had the fear that the Masked Man would catch him and turn him in for being the most wanted Evil Isaac.


Cynthia found herself to be a grown Indian woman, known as singing rose. She was the wife of the big chief, who was on a hunting trip. She had three daughters and a son, the princesses and prince of the Kaboola tribe, formerly known as Tabitha, Keilah, Hannah, and Josiah. Their names now were Toro, Kaya, Hano, and Jose.

They did not know that evil Isaac was in the area, nor that he had an evil plan to wipe out the Kaboola chief’s family.


The Masked Man and Evil Isaac were soon into a deadly fight.

The Masked Man finally chased Isaac off, after which He cautiously took a look around.


Lydia woke up and remembered that she was the Loyal Lady, partner with the Masked Man. I have to find the masked man, She thought. The Loyal Lady made her way across the plains, and came upon her partner, the Masked Man. She walked up to him, and said, “Masked Man! At last I have found you.” The masked man looked at her and said, “Loyal Lady, Evil Isaac is near.” But before they could say anything more, Isaac had lassoed them together. With great skill and quick movement, Isaac had them both tied securely to a pole. “You won’t get away with this!” Loyal Lady said. “Aha, but you don’t know the rest of my plan! Ha!” Isaac said.

After saying this, Isaac set fire to the rope and ran off, laughing an evil laugh.


The Kaboola princesses did not suspect anything in their play that afternoon when suddenly a dark shadow fell over them. Toro let out a terrible scream, and the three sisters knew nothing until they awoke from a deep sleep to find themselves roped to a post in the middle of the Kaboolan river!


When Singing Rose heard Toro’s scream, she ran to see what the matter was. What she found when she got there was not a trace nor a sign of her three beautiful daughters, except for a note scrawled on a crumpled piece of paper which struck fear in her heart.

When the sun doth leave the skies,

The river, like the moon, will rise

The stake will be covered with waters

Holding three of your dead daughters

If, by sunset, you have not

Found the masked man, cold or hot.

The last part was rather puzzling, but she dared not stand and think about it. So, she set out to find the Masked Man and his Loyal Lady.


Meanwhile, back at the post where Evil Isaac had roped and lit the Masked Man and his Loyal Lady, The two struggled to get free as the rope burned. Finally, Loyal Lady got one hand free. With it, she grabbed the end of the rope that had been set on fire. She looped the rope around to light the rest of it. The rope caught on fire, and soon it had burned itself free. Quickly and carefully, the Masked Man and his Loyal Lady freed themselves of the rope. They were greeted by Singing Rose, who gave them the note. When the masked man had read and understood it, they all went to the river.


Toro Watched with increasing fear as the hours slowly passed. She had no way of knowing that the Masked Man was on his way. At each hour, she could tell the time by the rising of the tide.

When you would say it was 4:00

When you would say it was 6:00

The tide continued to rise rapidly as the time neared six thirty , when the Masked Man charged over the bank. He was soon at their side, cutting the captive princesses’ bonds. They made their escape up the steep bank.


When the Kaboolan family had been joyfully sent home, Evil Isaac was not satisfied. “I’ll just have to think of a better plan, as soon as you’re dead!” he said. “There’s no worth in your threats,” Masked Man commented. “When there are two of us and one of you.” “Wrong again!!” sneered Isaac. “For I too, have a loyal assistant. Say hello to my little friend, Nasty Nathan!” Nathan, (Who, you remember, had been formerly known as Noah) jumped out of an overhead tree, an evil look on his face. “Ha! You’ll soon learn to mess with us!” Nathan laughed. “Nathan, here, has been watching everything from his perch in this tree!” Isaac explained. He was preparing to give the Masked Man a beating he would never forget, when he realized that Masked Man’s Loyal Lady was standing behind him twirling a lasso.

“You won’t catch me,” he said, as he turned to run. But Loyal Lady was too quick. Before anyone could so much as blink, she had Evil Isaac roped up good.

Evil Isaac soon found himself tied to a tree, with the masked man pointing a gun at him.

As for Nathan, He was struck by fear from his master being tied up, and so dropped his gun and ran off, and Nasty Nathan was never heard from again.


Cynthia , Lydia , Isaiah, Micah, Noah, Tabitha, Keilah, Hannah, and Josiah Jeub found themselves once again at home, in their own back yard, dressed in dress up clothes, in somewhat cold weather. “Why not go in for some hot chocolate?” Cynthia asked. They all agreed, and were soon talking about their most peculiar adventure.

The End

Written & Directed by

Cynthia Jeub


Cynthia , Lydia , Isaiah, Micah, Noah Jeub

Special Appearances:

Tabitha, Keilah, Hannah and Josiah Jeub

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