French Women Paid to Have 3rd Child

The French government is battling a fertility rate that is below the replacement of the population. France “enjoys” 1.9 children per couple. You need not be a rocket scientist to do the math. If you continue this 1.9 per 2.0, you will eventually become extinct. A United Kingdom article sites the reason for such a political move: the fear that babies are born to “unprofessional” families. Mothers who work full time are the ones being paid to have children. These children, then, will naturally be dumped into the daycare systems and raised by other “professionals.” France is actually one of the higher fertility rates in the European Union. Every member nation of the EU has fallen below the replacement of parents in population (meaning less than 2.0 kids per 2.0 people). Deaths have outnumbered births since 1976 in Germany. This has been referred to as a population implosion. While some point to economic impacts of such implosions, I can’t help but think that such impacts are missing the point. I look at my 11 children and think, “Why would so many ‘professionals’ think a career is more important than children?”

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