From Still-Life to Pro-Life

The nomination of Harriet Miers for Supreme Court Justice has raised many hairs of Prolife supporters who specifically voted for George W. Bush for the sole purpose of appointing prolife judges. The Jeub Family believes that the 1973 ruling Roe v Wade not only shot this country into a bloody 33 years of abortion on demand, but has adulterated the highest courts to read into the Constitution whatever black-robed justices feel. This is why strict Constitutionalists should be the only appointments: judges who see that LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is defended, not justified to be taken.

Is Harriet Miers prolife? President Bush says he has no litmus test. She supported Al Gore in 1988, but Al Gore (at the time) was a prolife candidate. In fact, the Sun Herald reports that Miers is on the “extreme end” of the prolife movement. She led the charge to persuade the National Bar Association to remove its pro-choice political stand (Miers Led Bid to Revisit Abortion Stance). One of the most convincing defenders of Miers is Jay Sekulow from the American Center for Law & Justice:

She’s the first female president of the Texas Bar Association. She took on the American Bar Association when they came out with their pro-abortion policy back in the mid-1990s. I was involved in that fight. She took a very courageous and not very politically correct move at the time, and that took a lot of courage.

Still, many conservatives like George Will and David Frum vehemently disagree with President Bush’s decision. Their arguments run along these lines: the President promised conservative appointments, but we don’t feel she’s conservative.

The scrutiny over Miers’ past leads me to an article that I wrote for Focus on the Family two years ago. Our son, Josiah, was displayed on an ultrasound for a new ministry put out by Focus on the Family. Wendy sat behind a curtain in the back while an ultrasound showed the physical truth for the audience of 1300–and later for millions listening to the Broadcast. This was life, and our country is aborting lives like these.

If Miers is prolife, then I hope and pray that she is one Justice who will recognize that the Constitution of the United States protects all life–including the unborn. Minds can change (as mine has over the years), but someone who has consistently defended the lives of the unborn for 30 years in a pro-abortion legal culture–whether or not they gave money to a candidate who turned on the prolife movement–takes guts and conviction.

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