Roe, Roe Row the Boat: How it All Comes Down to Abortion

Here’s for another political blog posting. A Washington Times article (“What the War Is All About”) correctly defines Roe v Wade as criminal. There are many reasons for this. The most unpopular reason is because Roe has justified the relentless murder of millions of babies since 1973. This is too much of a truth for most to swallow, but a much more persuasive reason Roe is criminal is a democratic one, as William Murchison writes:

The very ambiguity of these times and controversies goes far toward showing us the court’s crime in Roe. Crime, yes — the crime of setting Americans against each other and of unhealthily diverting their energies and passions. This is what you get into when you call on courts to short circuit the deliberative processes of democracy.

Roe v Wade is a crime. It pits American against American in the courts rather than at the voting box. This is often tagged as America’s most “emotional” issue. One reason (as already stated) is because of the ultimate result of an abortion: the death of a human being. The second reason is one that painfully aborts fundamental democratic rights to influence through legislative processes.

President Reagan gave a riveting speech at the 10th anniversary of the Roe decision where he stated, “We have the duty to protect the life of the unborn child” (Washington, D.C., 1983). Reagan didn’t succeed in overturning Roe v Wade, but today President Bush has the chance. Reagan didn’t succeed in passing legislation reversing Roe, but Bush has the ability to reverse Roe with his court appointments.

That’s why Miers (and Roberts, but that’s history now) is so important. If she and Roberts are legally professional enough to recognize how important it is to remove Roe as a precedent in our legal system, then Bush could be laying the framework that will ultimately save our democracy. If not, he will be appointing another 30-40 years of frustration in our democracy, pitting passionate citizens against one another with a tyrannous Supreme Court.

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