New Articles Posted

We’ve published quite a bit over the years, and Wendy and I are in the process of reformatting and gaining permissions for reprinting articles from the past. Many articles are from the days I was an editor at Focus on the Family. I’ve been working with the legal department over there to gain permission to re-publish some articles that I wrote way-back-when as their employee.

One particularly fits this Web site: The Large-Family Phenomenon. This article interviews five families who value children as a heritage from the Lord. The article is interesting, though, because it doesn’t assume that a large family is what the Lord wills for everyone. Two of the five families have 3 children, and their convictions are no different than the other three families (of 11, 13 and 16).

Another group of interviews is of three rock stars: TobyMac from DC Talk, Phil Joel from Newsboys, and Will McGinniss from Audio Adrenaline. All three had their first child in 2001-2002, being (at the time) the only fathers in their bands. Fatherhood transformed them–as it does to all of us fathers. Enjoy this 3-part article:

I hope these articles bless you and your families. We will be posting some more in the future.

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