Welcome Twins to the Jeub Family!

The Jeubs were expecting their 12th child, but low-and-behold: a bakers dozen was in their future. On October 23, 2005, the Jeubs welcomed Havilah Grace and Joshua Matthew into the world. Born almost two hours apart, here is their photo:

Born October 23, 2005

The birth went smoother than any of our previous 11 births. Wendy broke the first water at 3:35 a.m. Things moved very slowly…contractions 45 minutes apart. Then at about 7:00 contractions started 2-minutes apart. Wendy stood and walked into the bedroom and at 8:04 Havilah was delivered! I was downstairs putting in a movie for the kids. “Chris! Chris! Chris!” our midwife yelled. I ran upstairs and into the bathroom to discover Havilah in her hands being told, “Get a towel!”

I have always heard of deliveries that fast, but I never believed them!

Havilah Grace Jeub, born 8:04, 4# 7oz, 18″ long. While she was small (not the smallest Jeub baby), she showed all signs of health and fully developed. It was obvious that mommy’s tummy was not empty, but that little guy didn’t come till two hours later at 10:07. We called Dr. Otto to come and assist with the three midwives were already there (this was quite a lot of traffic for our small bedroom). Before our doctor got there, the second water broke and out came Joshua Matthew within 2 minutes…FEET FIRST! That is the first for a Jeub kid, but there were absolutely no complications…this was not an emergency, just abnormal. Wendy had to push pretty hard throughout the delivery of Joshua, but in retrospect it was the best delivery of all 12.

Praise be to God! There was so much prayer going into these two babies. I can’t thank our praying friends enough! God is so great! I am humbled to be the father of twins!

Timing couldn’t have been better. At approximately 11:00, our pastor was preparing to give his sermon. I had called him an hour earlier to share the news of Havilah’s birth. He was ready to go on stage to make that announcement when his cell phone rang. He noticed it was me and, on stage, answered the phone. “A second baby was born!”

Taking the opportunity, he said, “You’re going to make that announcement, bro. Not me!” He put the phone up to the microphone and let me announce:

“The Jeubs have skipped a dozen kids and went right to 13. We gave birth to twins this morning!”

The congregation exploded in applause! What an encouragement to hear the joy of God’s people welcome these twins into the world.

As of Monday afternoon, the babies are developing rapidly and Wendy is making leaps and bounds in recovery. Some friends picked up the other kids and brought them to their country home to play so Wendy and I could take a nap, feed the babies, and catch up on phone calls and emails. Thank you all for your prayers, and email wendy@jeubfamily.com to encourage her!

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Saunya

    How awesome your story is! How good God is to bring forth those babies so easily and safely! My last child whom we didn’t know was breech was born bottom first. There is a little more risk involved in a breech birth but as you and I both know God is bigger and both of our babies were born perfectly well without complications.

    Another amazing thing…. that a doctor would assist in a home birth! That wouldn’t happen in my state.

    p.s. did you know you were having twins?

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Chris Jeub

    Hi Saunya, Twins were a huge surprise for us!!

  • http://www.homesteadblogger.com/ourdandelions jdavidb

    Our twin birth was assisted at home by a direct entry midwife. :) Texas is a good state for homebirth.

    We knew ahead of time. In fact, the midwife thought our previous baby was going to be twins, and I’d commented “Oh, well, I guess we’ll have to try next time.” We did indeed pray for twins, and the Lord chose to grant our request. :)

  • http://kruegersjourneytosimplicity.blogspot.com/ JENNIFER

    Just reading through the archives and I am surprised you didn’t know there were two in there.

    We just found out we are expecting twins(# 3 & 4)
    We are praying for a safe and natural as possible delivery. We live in a unfriendly state for midwives. We have already been told to expect a to have a c-secton. The only way I could possibly convince any doctor around here to let my body do the work is only if both babies are head down. I don’t know the chances of that. I have been just praying for God to work it out.

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  • HeatherHH

    My MIL had surprise twins 26 years ago.  I remember being told that at least a third of twins were surprises before there were routine ultrasounds….

  • nancy

    Hey Jeub family!
    8 years?! Where did the time go? I still remember coming over to snuggle those adorable little people. They were the smallest I had ever held! We enjoy keeping up via the blog!
    Nancy and Chris Schaefer