Merry Christmas from the Jeubs!

You may have received our family picture in the mail a little late this year. We have been incredibly busy with and exciting year! Camping in the bus, horse camp, debate camp…we’re camping people. New kitten, new Chickens, trip to St. Louis, beaver dams, new businesses, church activities, and lots of double blessings. We’ve got a lot to cover in just one letter, so let me begin.

Alissa graduated from massage therapy school with flying colors. We appreciate the being used as experimental specimens—our backs feel great. She also moved out of our house and lives in an apartment in Colorado Springs. Her time is filled driving all over the place massaging backs and waiting tables at the Country Club. Here’s Alissa cheezing for her favorite job of the year: Safeway!

Cynthia turned 13 this year, entering teenage-hood and Jr. High. Let’s see, which one doesn’t fit: sewing, baking, cooking, homemaking, debating. You guessed it: Debate! Cynthia is an anomoly in many ways by defining her life in these activties. She makes her own clothes, does virtually all the cooking in the house, and is often found carrying her mom’s babies. In between all the activity she is usually at the computer research the year’s debate topic or posting things on HSD (

Lydiais 11 and has grown a liking to sewing also. She and her sister attended Sewing Camp in Colorado Springs. She doesn’t sew her own clothes, but clothes for her dolls. Lydia also broke her thumb (the year’s only casualty worth mentioning in this year’s Christmas letter). She broke it by falling off the dryer. (Makes for a good story…laundry gets pretty rowdy in the Jeub home.) She still has plenty of spirit in her and hasn’t resorted to fulltime sewing career.

Isaiah has grown into a pleasant young man at the ripe old age of 9. He timed at some debate tournaments and performed The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at the Junior Tournament last spring. Isaiah, like a man, took on the beavers down at the creek. With his brothers and sisters this summer, he attempted to tear down the mounting beaver dam. Needless to say, the beavers won, but Isaiah is strategizing a spring of stick pulling and dynomite.

Micah is 8, still taking on the world single-handedly. He performed mightily at Wings Like Eagles Horse Camp this summer. Here he is doing the “prince” routine, impressing the awe-struck crowd. He also performed a Shel Silverstein poem that fit his personality well: “Furniture Fight.”

Noah is close behind at 7. He’s our most coordinated boy in the family, making sure mom worries about his life at all times. Even though, you may remember, he broke his leg jumping on the trampoline last year, he excels as the acrobatic wonder of the family, doing front flips, back flips, somersaults, back somersaults, handsprings, back handsprings, and anything else the kids have made up on the trampoline. It’s like he never got hurt.

Tabitha (5), Keilah (4) and Hannah (3) are the life of the home. Tabitha was the youngest competitor at the Junior Speech Tournament performing “One Little Monkey” for an adoring crowd. Keilah and Hannah spend most of their day yelling at their older siblings. Here’s the three looking cute at Horse Camp.

Josiah is a lively 1 year old, and he was going to be our bottom anchor of joy. He loves to play…in fact, he never stops looking for things to do. Sitting him down with a pile of toys to play with is the most confining thing in the world for Josiah. His idea of play is to explore the world around him: mom’s purse, dad’s tools, sister’s jewelry, brother’s collections, etc. There are much more fun things to do than play with the same-old toys!

Low and behold, the Jeubs were blessed with another pregnancy that would bring our 12th child. Such joy to get to a dozen…it’s a Halmark, an arrival point, an even number. Well, God has a sense of humor, and he blessed us with an incredibly good joke: TWINS, numbers 12 and 13. We had a dozen for only 2 hours, bringing the births of Havilah and Joshua into the world. The twins arrived October 23, 2005.

We have a full story of the twins posted here. Since their arrival, we have been nursing, bottle feeding, diaper changing, and burping the twins. What a lot of work, but we have plenty of helpers. Wendy is already looking great after two months since the delivery, and the babies are a whomping 10 lbs (Joshua) and 7 lbs (Havilah). Little Havilah is much smaller than her brother, but she was born 2 hours before, so I’m sure she will spend the rest of her life reminding him of those 2 hours difference in age.

There are so many activities that we have done as a family this year, that I’d need an entire website to fill them up. Hey, I already thought of that! This site is available for family and friends to keep up with the Jeub News. Cynthia and Lydia have taken on editorials roles and post quite regularly the day-to-day events. Highlights include a backyard dramatic with pictures (you have to see it), Thanksgiving dinner, Pinewood Derby, Homeschool crafts, and much more. Be sure to browse this site and let us know what you think.

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