Rattle Snake in the Back Yard!

With all the rain we’ve been experiencing lately, we have had an increase in rattle snakes in the area. Sunday night I saw a rattle snake just off my back deck in my back yard. Yikes!

I had 3 of my dear sweet children run right by it before I could stop them. Tabitha (6) was running in from the trampoline and jumped right over it. Noah (7) didn’t have time to stop and said, “That’s a rattle snake!” and ran behind it. Then, before I could stop him, Josiah ran behind me and ran to the trampoline!!! UGH! I told Josiah to stay there–he is 2 so I didn’t know if he would listen or not, but he did.

I was holding Havilah (9mo) and so I told Cynthia (14) to take the baby and then I walked the loong way around and grabbed Josiah, handed him to one of the older kids and then I got the dog in (dogs can get bit by snakes too). Then I stood about 4 feet away and told Isaiah (10) to get me a shovel, I then took the shovel and walked 5 feet from it and pinned its neck down as hard as I could. I was trying to chop it off, but wasn’t strong enough. I wasn’t about to lift the shovel and let it go, so I told Isaiah to fetch the pick axe. He whacked it good right behind where I had it pinned down.

Because we are home schoolers (call us morbid, but I like to think of it as opportunistic) we cut off the tail and skinned it. When we cut it open two hours later, the heart was still beating. We pinned the skin to a board and poured salt over it to take out all the moisture. It was 3 feet long.

We really enjoyed “playing” with the dead rattle snake. But oh my, I am counting my blessings! This very well could have turned out to be a tragic story, but thank you God for protecting my children from the rattler!

Wendy =) <><

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