The Heppners (Family of 18) on The Learning Channel

The photo below is of two families: the Jeubs on the left and the Heppners on the right. This was taken Father’s Day 2003 when the Heppner family (from Warroad, Minnesota) spent a week at our house. While this may seem like a lot of people, we are missing our oldest daughter plus we have had three kids since (we had only 10 kids at the time), and the Heppners had only 12 of their 16 children along for the ride. Total pictured: 24…total heritage: 33.

The Heppners are being featured on The Learning Channel on a special episode they are pulling together on extra-large families. The Grand Forks Herald did a feature story titled, “‘Eight Is Enough’ times two for Warroad family.” The article is a pleasant highlight of the Heppner family’s joys and challenges with so many children. I love the angle Miriam (pictured cuddling with her husband on the right) takes:

“The motivation behind the story is the idea that if we can do it, other families with fewer children can do it,” Miriam said. “Hopefully, others can pick up on some things that we’ve had to do to – basically, to survive. Some moms feel overwhelmed and walk away from the family. This is where my heart is – to encourage young moms.”

The feature is expected to run in January-February, 2007. I called the Heppners last night and talked with Moses, their 5th-born son, about the experience. He said the 4-man crew simply hung out with them and captured as much footage as possible. The purpose of the feature is not to portray the Heppners as weird or out-of-the-ordinary, but rather to show–with real footage–how a family with so many kids manages. To the Heppners, it is normal. To the rest of the world, it is incredibly interesting.

In fact (how can I forget to mention?), the Heppners came with their school bus conversion. Here’s us on our way home from church. DuWayne put me behind the wheel and we drove to an icecream shop. I was hooked. About 7 months later, I bought our school bus.

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  • Laken Lymburner

    Hi ! This many Kids is so cool I watched Moses run @ stste today he got 1st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Him !