Welcome to the New Jeub Family Blog

The Jeub Family Blog has a new look and a new back-end administrative tool. We spent a good deal of time on this design and engineering framework for some exciting reasons.

First, the design is easier on the eye. The picture in the header is taken from the Jeub Birthday Bash in September. We’ve been applying Google Video for some time now, but now we installed some software that makes slideshows fun to scroll through as well as easier to upload. The navigation bar on the right logs the recent posts in an easy-to-understand fashion, and the main pages are listed at the top. A new search feature will make logged articles and posts much easier to find. We have also added an advertising area which, for now, has a Google Adsense account hooked into it. Do the Jeubs a favor and click the ads–it will help us pay for the development of this new site!

As most web developers will tell you (or at least they should tell you), design is only the surface. The second exciting thing about our new site is the engineering structure of it. We switched from Google’s Blogger to an open source blogging program called WordPress. Being open source, WordPress has several plugins that we will be installing as time rolls by. Top on our to-do list is installing email notification for friends and relatives to be notified instantly when we publish new posts. We also want to develop an online store for resources.

I wish I could say that I’ve been sitting around with a lot of spare time to diddy-dally with my family website. Actually, this upgrade comes at during a busy time to prepare for some opportunities in the near future. You’ll hear more about them as time goes by, but here is a rundown…

  1. The Learning Channel. Our episode is airing January 29, 2007. Tracy and his crew have just left from a second roll of filming. We don’t know fully what God’s will is in this filming, but we are very excited about what incredibly intense scenes were captured. We want our website to be able to continue ministering what TLC will start.
  2. A New Book. Wendy and I, in the middle of this busy schedule, are writing a book on large-family living. We’ve got much of it finished, and we want our website to be ready to handle online interest.
  3. Internet Development. This website was developed by an Internet development firm that I own, Internet Asset Management & Consulting. This firm is growing in size and clientele. Our hope is that this family website will lead to a manageable and affordable package for other families can buy into to post their family blessings online.

And of course, there are the regular pleasantries of posting articles, stories, slideshows, and whatnot of our family. We love our family, and this website will always be simply an extension of the love we have for each other. Stay tuned!

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Renee

    I like the new format of your blog!
    Can’t wait to see the TLC special. We don’t have cable but my parents do so they’ll tape it for us…just like they do the Duggar specials lol

    Looking forward to your book–although I only have a measly six children ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Chris Jeub

    “Measly six children”??? You’re funny…and blessed!