Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Written by Lydia Jeub, Craft Idea by Cynthia Jeub

It was an ordinary day in the Jeub home. It was nine o’clock: school time. Cynthia was looking for a craft to do for school. She found a very creative craft. First she found a big piece of paper and drew a turkey. Then she took a bunch of colored paper and put everybody’s hand and it and traced around their fingers and cut out the hands. Then everybody shared something they were thankful for. Then Cynthia helped write what they were thankful for on their hands then glued them to the turkey to make feathers. Then she hung it on the wall.

It looks like the best Thanksgiving picture on the wall this year.

  • Cynthia was thankful for a good home.
  • Lydia was thankful for good friends.
  • Isaiah was thankful for lots of Legos.
  • Micah was thankful for his quilt.
  • Noah was thankful that Thanksgiving was coming.
  • Keilah was thankful for candy.
  • Hannah was thankful for her tea set.

We liked doing this craft. Some other Thanksgiving ideas:

Happy Thanksgiving from the Jeub Family!

  • Ann

    Loved the idea! I will be doing this with my own children! God Bless!