Kids By the Dozen

We just got word from The Learning Channel of the three episodes featuring large families (we are one of three). We are on prime time in January! Previews will be coming out sometime in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll post them here on our website (subscribe to our postings by clicking here). Here are the details:

“Kids By the Dozen”: A Mini-Series on Large Families

If you don’t have cable, get it or go to a friend’s home to watch this. Pass this information onto as many people as you can think. We want this to be a successful program that will, hopefully, lead to more programs on the love of large family living!

About Wendy Jeub

Yes, Wendy Jeub has brought 16 children into the world, and loves each and every one of them. So much so, she'd welcome more!

  • Renee

    woohoo!!! I don’t have cable but my mom and dad do. They’ll tape it for me. We have a couple of Duggar episodes and my littlies love to watch them. I’ll be glad for something new to watch ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m marking the dates on the calendar. I’ll let everyone know on my message boards. They’ll want to watch too!

    Renee-mama to 1 ewe and 5 rams

  • The Tanquary’s

    Yea!!! We love watching shows about big families!!! We will be watching!!!

    Aaron, Tosha, Makayla, Alisha, Isaac, and Isaiah!

  • Josiah

    Thanks for the update on TLC…are those dates accurate for each family?

    -Yes, this is the latest. There was some swapping around between the Heppners and the Jeubs between the 22nd and 29th, but they came back with that order the last we heard. I suppose that can change at the last second, so be aware. For now: The Heppners are on the 22nd, and the Jeubs are on the 29th.

    (From Chris Jeub…and I see that that JDH is Josiah D. Heppner…:D)

  • Kelly

    I’ve watched every one of the episodes. Including the Duggars. It seems a little strange to me that they recieved recognition first when there were other families like yours that were larger than theirs first. Anyway, I enjoy watching television shows about large families. Makes me wish I had a lot of brothers and sisters to share stuff with. I have just my mom and that’s great for me.

  • Lori Middlebrook

    I saw this episode, and you have a wonderful family.
    Just curious, as Iam a mom of eight , expecting my ninth,
    How do you deal with people who give you negative comments about having a lot of children?
    I have had so many, sometimes said to my older children, that sometimes I want to cry.
    What gives a person the audacity to say to me that I should use birth control or stop having sex?
    I love my kids, I love being a mom, I home school them as well. I’m just tired of others placing judgment.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Jamt

      Hi. Remember me? You had my baby then left me.

  • http://N/A Dee Lambert

    For Lori-
    I am a mom of two. The family I am watching on TLC right now has 11 children, expecting a 12th. (Sigh…) All the girls (and mom) are wearing dresses, while the boys get to run around in pants and shorts. It makes me think how hard it would be for these girls to run through those woods, hike, bike, or do their aerobics with those dresses… I’m sorry, but women staying pregnant all the time, restrictions on dress, girls having to keep their hair long, teaching overly-defined sex roles (such as boys cut the trees and girls sew) and having enough unrestricted sex to produce huge families is often just plain offensive to others. Perhaps it is these families who pass judgement by deciding that the ways/customs of the rest of us are not pure, and that God loves “their way” best. Most Christians do NOT believe that couples “must replenish the earth and multiply freely”. Those of us who limit our families, or place less emphasis on sex in marriage, are no less worthy of heaven.
    When you choose to be vastly different from the rest, you earn the positive (and negative) attention you receive.

  • Kelly

    I watched this show last night and thought the father very controlling and both parents seem to have double standards. The daughter they asked to leave because she wasn’t following the standards they set seems to be doing well for herself and I’m glad for that. All kids go through a period when they want to push the limits and spread their wings, yes she made mistakes some of them big ones but I believe her mother had one child when she was 15 and another at 18 or something. Wouldn’t it have been better to be there for you child and let her learn from her mistakes then to put her out of the home ? for a christian family it’s not something I would expect them to do.

  • Chris & Wendy

    Kelly, this was almost 4 years ago. Besides, try not to judge us from 50 minutes of TV. There is a beautiful story that came out of the show…see

  • Sandra

    I agree with Kelly, I’ve watched the show several times and found the father really controlling, so much so that I wont watch it anymore… it’s seems like theres one rule for the kids and another for him.
    Asking their daughter to leave home was way over the top, we all make mistakes and learn by them you don’t kick your kids out, I have no idea why the mother went along with asking her own child to leave but in her own words she’s her husbands “helper” so I guess what he says goes.