Merry Christmas from the Jeubs!

The following is our 2006 Christmas Letter. Download a PDF version here.

When life seems to have dealt you all you can take, God shakes things up to make it all the more interesting. Just wait till you hear our exciting news of 2006…
TLC FilmingProbably the biggest news is our experience with The Learning Channel. We began speaking about a year ago with the folks in New York about being one of three families to do a mini-series on large families. The requirement was at least 12 children (Whew! We just cleared it). We’re the small family of the group set to air January 29 (the other two families—16 and 14 kids—are scheduled for Jan. 15 and 22). While the general fascination that TLC wants to capture includes laundry, shopping, cleaning, etc., the main event that the camera crew captured was the Jeub Birthday Bash. We had a whopping 190 people attend this year’s Jeubilee! TLC filmed six days of preparation prior to the Bash. They have returned twice to capture our unique relationship with our oldest daughter, Alicia (more on that later), as well as additional sound bites. So, mark your calendars for January 29 and tune into The Learning Channel. We’re actually thinking of getting cable for the month so we can watch it ourselves.

Havilah, Joshua & Josiah


Twins have been quite the experience for the entire family! You may recall that Joshua, though younger, came out at 2 pounds bigger than Havilah. They have kept the same weight ratio (3:2) since, Joshua being the big lug who will eat anything, Havilah the petite “little bird” who pecks at her food. Joshua and Josiah look more like twins. Josiah is likely our biggest personality of any of our kids, the life of the party 24/7. All three went through a bout of Whooping Cough (as did most of the kids), but the twins got it particularly tough. We are thankful to be through that trial. Now we’re training them to sleep through the night again!

Hannah, Keilah, Tabitha


Our 4, 5 and 6 year old girls are beautiful. Not yet able to read, Hannah and Keilah are often found with paper and pencils drawing elaborate pictures. Sometimes these pictures end up on toys or walls throughout the house. Tabitha enjoys reading and taking care of her little brothers and sisters. She is quite the little mom around the Jeub home.

Noah, Micah, Isaiah


Our 8, 9 and 10 year old boys are awesome. Noah, like Tabitha, is an avid reader. He is also quite the gymnast, able to do more acrobatic twists and turns on the trampoline than anyone in the family. Micah, the Stratego Champion of the family, takes credit for engineering the tree fort bridge to the neighboring tree and third level penthouse (it really is quite something). Isaiah frequents his older sister’s debate tournaments as timer enthusiast. He is looking forward to getting into debate next year.

Lydia & Cynthia


Seeing our older daughters grow into young ladies (ages 12 and 14) has been pleasant. Lydia has always been fond of tiny details and meticulous playing, but this has grown into a more mature love for sewing. She aspires to get her hunters safety certificate and take on elk hunting in ’07. Cynthia has continued her debate activity, but has pulled back with hopes to focus on impromptu speaking skills. Cynthia comes into Dad’s office twice a week as his administrative assistant to help keep Dad on task.

Alissa & Alicia

Alissa (20) still lives in Vail, but she dropped her nanny position to pursue four jobs. She works at two massage spas helping all those skiers work out soar muscles. Her 3rd job is a receptionist for a racquetball club. She is quite fond of her 4th job at Starbucks (and so are we…Starbucks gift cards this year!!!). The only downside is that she drank so much coffee her hair turned black. She aspires to move to San Diego or Florida to see what it’s like to live in a warm climate.

Alicia, you may recall, has not been in the Christmas letter for two years. The Learning Channel experience pulled all of us forward to seriously reconsider our separation. If Love can truly overcome all obstacles, then why couldn’t we love ourselves back into relationship? We are currently working on that, and it is amazing how much ground we have covered in such a short period of time (and this, too, is a featured theme on TLC in January!). Alicia continues to work at the dental office as office manager and raises her 2-year-old son, Isaak, in Colorado Springs.

Mom and Dad

You should see Mama Jeub. She’s lookin’ so fine it is a wonder that she isn’t pregnant yet. While she won’t tell anyone what her actual weight is, she is proud to say that she weighs less than she did on her wedding day. She leads a Women’s Encouragement Group weekly, schools the children daily, and still nurses the twins—getting a thorough workout everyday. Wendy was interviewed for several hours by TLC, and when it was transcribed in New York, it totaled 750 pages of documentation. Wendy has an incredible message of love that has been coming together for the past year (actually, for the last 23 years). Be sure to tune in to hear about it. We’re quite curious how 100 hours of footage is going to be whittled down to 45 minutes.

Papa Jeub works like a dog with his three businesses, all of which make just enough to keep the bills paid and the kids fed. (Chris skips a meal now and then, but no worries.) Training Minds Ministry, the educational nonprofit, hosted four debate camps across the country this year, but is looking to cut back next year. Monument Publishing has had its best year yet and plans to expand its product line in 2007. Internet Asset Management & Consulting hired a bunch of Internet developers (all home-school kids) who are teaching Chris a few things about Internet development. Chris is looking to merge many of the aspects of the three businesses to make things more lucrative and more efficient in 2007.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Debbi

    Go Jeub’s! Can’t wait to see everyone on t.v. We may have to tape it else where. Have a wonderful Christmas and talk to you soon. Love your Big Sis Debbi and Family

  • Howie & Cari Whitcomb

    Merry Christmas Jeub’s!!! You are an inspiration to us… We pray the LORD will bless your new year and all your endeavors! I know that the TLC show will open many eyes to Christ and the blessing of large families!!

    Love In Christ, Howie and Cari
    and so far only 6 kids 😎

  • Karen & Jeff Baron

    Congratulations on joining the grandparent stage of life! Isn’t it great to have grandchildren before your children are grown? Isaak is beautiful, as is all of your family.
    Merry Christmas,
    The Jeff Baron Family

  • John and Theresa Powers

    Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you! Many blessings,
    The Powers Family

  • Jennifer Walley

    Your family is beautiful – and how exciting to hear about your growing relationship with your oldest daughter and grandson – God is so good! Thanks for including us in your newsletter, I am looking forward to seeing the TLC show (need to find someone to record it, as we don’t have cable)!

  • Kellie & Ken Day & Family

    This was a great letter! Thank you so much for sharing with us MOMYS, we need all of the encouragement that we can get. Hope to see your episode, but may have to stay at a motel to watch it, since we don’t have t.v. Blessings to your family this Christmas and always!!!
    The Day Family

  • Teri Donadic

    Thank you for sharing your lives in such an open way with all of us. We feel very blessed to have the honor of knowing you personally. You have been such an inspiration to my husband and I. May God’s blessing abound for you all and Merry Christmas!
    The Donadic Family

  • The Shurtleff Family

    Thanks for the wonderful letter! We love hearing from other larger than average families. Grandma has cable….maybe we can go over and watch your program with her. There are only 11 of us so far, but we can really fill up a house :0) Have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Rose Salas

    We don’t have cable either, maybe you could make several copies and sell them for I am sure people will want to watch them more than once. I will be praying for your relationship. Hope your new year is blessed. The Salas quiver

  • The Steininger Family

    What a blessing you are to our family. We are looking forward to watching the TLC program and getting to know you all better in the coming years. We enjoyed your letter. Have a great Christmas and an awesome New Year.
    Love to All, The Steininger’s

  • Joyce Stewart

    Thank You for sharing this website with us. What a joy to see what God is doing through you for His Glory! God Bless You All!!!

  • http://none The Stauffer Family

    It’s such a blessing to read about your wonderful family. And we are so glad to read about the deepening relationship with Alicia. Love the 11 Rs

  • Kim for the Anderson

    Isn’t it amazing what God will do for you – with you, as you wait for Him to show you the next step? I have enjoyed working with you through the years, and expect we will enjoy many more…

    God rest ye merry!

  • Emily

    Oh wow congrats!! Coming from a large family myself (which will reach 10 in mid-April) I am happy to see this. Your children are beautiful and seem such a blessing.

  • Amanda Finkbeiner

    There so cute. I love Tabitha Keliah and Hannah. They look like my sisters alot. There is 13 kids in ours and it is so much fun. I know these are old photos from 2006 but I love to look at them. You Rock Jeub Family!

  • Amanda Finkbeiner

    Hi! I just found out that twins are expected in November and i hope they turn out as cute as your twins and family!


  • Amanda

    Hey. Love the pics. I always love looking at them. There will be 15 children in my family in November. Thanks

  • Amanda

    Hi Jeub family hope your doing good. So your 15 child is due this month. Wow. I bet you will have a few more. My mum is pregnant with twins so that 15 for us too. But the twins are not due till November so it will be a while. My family is Melanie Rebecca( identical twins) Nathan Ryan Charlotte (Ryan’s twin) then me Lauren Amy Kiah twins Grace and Steven Savannah and Olivia. Very cool. I love being in a big family.