One week from today

In one week the first episode of the TLC “Kids by the Dozen” will be aired. The Arndts are excited, and I’m kinda glad my family isn’t the first to be displayed. We’ll be glued to our television sets, and I hope you are able to make it. There are two bits of information you may like…

First, you can sign up for an email reminder for each of the episodes. If your life is anything like ours, a reminder keeps you on track. Go to this link on the TLC website and you will be taken to the TLC preview page that list all three families. When you click on the particular family, you will be taken to a description page that has a “Remind Me” button. TLC only asks for an email address and they promise not to sell it for spam.

The Heppner FamilySecond, Jemima Heppner, the oldest of 16 children from Minnesota (the second family in the episode), sent me an updated photo of their family. If you previewed the older picture, it was from a few years ago. Click on the picture on the right to see the Heppners in all their glory. (By the way, there is one inlaw in the mix…see if you can pick her out!)

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  • http://www.joyfulmother.blogspot.com Chris

    I can’t wait to watch all three shows. This is going to be fun. Heppner’s have a beautiful family. What a blessing!

  • http://gabbygwenhwyfar.blogspot.com/ Jennifer

    OK — I blogged about it. Doing my part to get the word out. Ü

    I’m looking forward to viewing this mini-series with my kiddos. (Only 5). LOL

    THANKS for sharing your lives with us.

  • Dorian

    Ok, reminders are set. :)

    BTW, do you know what makes the Jeub and Heppner family editions rated pg, but the other rated g?

  • Chris Jeub

    I asked Dwayne why his show was PG. He said, “That’s why I have 16 kids and you have only 13…because I know and you don’t.” Dwayne is hilarious.

    No, he doesn’t know why, but he is going to call the producer and ask.

  • Tammi klusewitz

    I showed my son the picture of the Heppner family. He said, “Hey, they have almost as many kids as us!” He was just joking. We’re lightweights. We only have six.

  • Dorian

    Too funny. Will you post what you find out here?

  • http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/InjoyLife/ David and Sherry Hayes

    We are a family of 14, 12 at home, and we are “neighbors” here in Colorado. It has been a lot of fun to view your website, especially since we don’t get TLC (we subscribe to Sky Angel satellite). David is a pastor and business manager for our denomination and works from home. We have always homeschooled. We have 1 grandchild with one on the way, and one getting married this month.

    I am always looking for ways to be more efficient, frugal, etc., and would be willing to trade notes sometime. I don’t make much time for phone calls, as I am sure you can relate, but email works, especially since my blog is temporarily hosed.

    God bless, Sherry

  • http://www.teambettendorf.com TeamBettendorf

    WOO HOO for large families. Our family of 13 will be eagerly watching AND taping!! :)

  • Lydia Gunn

    Thank God for your wonderful blessing and for bringing these situations up. I am a mother of 5 all under 8 and youngest 18months and I have been praying for a large family to contact that homeschool and to just get ideas. We are a one income family too and its hard.
    Keep doing what you are doing and maybe people will realize how Great God its.

  • Raquel

    Your family (and the others!) are so beautiful and inspiring. There are families with only one or two children that don’t function nearly as well. It must be all the love and faith in the church that you guys have. I just had my first baby at the age of 29 and I think I started too late!! Now I want 15! Is there hope for me? Haha..