Our Pizza Party

If Josiah (our 2 year old) didn’t throw our digital camera away, you would see some photos of us crowded around our television to watch the first of three episodes on large families, Kids by the Dozen, on TLC. I ran out to Pizza Hut to pick up some pizza for a family party. I called Cathy Arndt and wished the Arndt family well. Wow, what an episode!

The Arndt family has 14 kids. They run a baseball classic where the St. Louis Cardinals come to visit fans and the Arndts duke it out for a baseball game. The episode filmed the family prepare for the big event. Rick and Cathy told their story, with many of their boys helping explain things, and we resonated with many things they said. Here are a few:

  • One of the sons mentioned how families perhaps half their size look so big. We do the exact same thing. We look at a family of 4 kids and think to ourselves, “Wow, look at all those kids.” Man, what do we look like?
  • Graduating the chores. Our kids, too, move up the ladder to bigger and better work as they grow.
  • Adaptability. It was nice to see the Arndts adapt to the weather at their big event. Rain came in and frustrated their weeks of plans. However, the Arndts made the best of it.

We hope you were able to watch Kids by the Dozen. Next week our friends the Heppners will be featured. They have 16 children and live in northern Minnesota. At the present moment while I write this post, the Jeubs are sitting down watching a rerun of the Dugger family show.

Is there a movement growing here? Do you think having a large family is actually being respected? We’re just following our convictions and having a great time doing it.

Say, if you remember, say a prayer for Wendy (mom of only 13 children). She is having a throat surgery tomorrow at noon. She has been having trouble swallowing since she delivered the twins. She has never had surgery and is having some jitters about it. The procedure is routine, so there is little to worry about, but there is risk in everything. We appreciate your prayers!

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • http://none Becky

    Loved the show on the Arndt’s, we are on the QF! digest list and saw a note posted about the series. Looking forward to seeing your piece and the one in between. Thanks for being open to showing how DIFFERENT from each other large families are. Thanks for being so sharing with not only your family for the show, but with your great website, too!


    Becky in Okla

  • http://joyfulmother.blogspot.com Chris

    Yes!! We enjoyed watching the Arndt Family. When it was on the chores part,my 4yr old said. “Mom, they do our chores! How do they know our chores?” LOL

    Can’t wait for the next shows.


  • http://www.onebeggarsbread.wordpress.com Deborah

    My brother and sister-in-law recorded the shows for us. We can’t wait to see them. I am so glad to hear the first episode showed well — I had a slight worry about the final edit, you never know how things can be twisted with a little editing! We are looking forward to viewing.

  • Beth

    Loved this show…it was beautifully done…The dad was so amazing with his sons and I just loved how the older sons just adored their little sister! We are not a large family Two sons almost 19 and almost 20….and our daughter almost 4…They were the same way when we brought our daughter home….just loved her to pieces from the beginning…we wish we had known more about the qf lifestyle before I hit my 40’s but do believe God can use our family even with all our flaws and small size! Beth

  • http://www.imasupermom.blogspot.com Kristi

    WOW! We had so much fun watching this last night! I can’t wait for the next couple episodes! Loved how well done it was and wondering how much they edited out. I’d love to watch a long, less cut version too! I was hoping for something on cooking meals too. Can’t have everything though…

  • http://www.6littlelambs.blogspot.com/ Renee

    My mom is taping them for me(I don’t have cable)so I haven’t seen the Arndt’s yet. My mom said she watched most of it(she’s DEFINATELY not quiverfull, family-oriented). She made a couple of snide remarks…er I mean observations that I haven’t replied to yet because I want to respond in the best possible way. “Some of their kids are in their 20’s, are they ever going to date or move out on their own?” “He works as a court reporter. There’s no way he makes enough to support a family that size. I’d like to know where exactly they get their money”(this was repeated several times) “The oldest boys are in the same line of work as dad”(said like that was something really weird). I’d welcome any thoughts or suggestions on responding to her!


  • http://www.imasupermom.blogspot.com Kristi

    Actually, court reporting is a great profession. If you google the range of salaries for court reporters nationwide, you’ll find that even in SD(for example) they will pay up to about $85,000 a year for an experienced court reporter. Add 3 more sons to that and you have a hefty sum! I can totally see why the boys want to do that- free training at home, great flexible schedule, time to play and a great salary- who would argue!!! Oh, and no 4 year degree required- it’s a certificate based profession, I’m pretty certain.


  • http://www.theflyingspur.com Ian Johnston

    I really enjoyed watching all three of these shows on TLC (along with the various Duggar shows). As far as a movement goes, I certainly hope there is one (whether formal or not) for the sake of our children and our nation.

    These shows demonstrate the ultimate respect for life, even when pregnancies occurred out of wedlock. I feel that people don’t respect the precious gift of life too much any more, so I was very encouraged by families who are taking it seriously and making large families work.

    I only have three children (at present), but I look forward to having as many as God will bless us with. Like the Jeub family, though, our house is small and we don’t have a lot of income. However, I believe that God will bless us according to our needs if we are faithful to Him.

    God bless you for standing strong in your faith.

    All the best!