When Will TLC Air "Kids by the Dozen" Again?

We just got word that TLC has scheduled March 19, 2007, for all three episodes of Kids by the Dozen. This is another Monday night, so tune in for the shows!
We just got word that TLC is narrowing their dates a little. Click here for the most updated calendar.

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  • http://www.sketchesbybethany.net Bethany

    I’m so glad to hear that…I was sorry to miss it last time! :) I’m looking foward to seeing it! :)

  • erika bowers

    we love the show hope to see all of them. we are a larger than normal family and LOVE to here and see things like this, We are so glad to see things like this.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for this information!!! I (by accident) caught the episode featuring the Heppners, and was completely inspired by them, and they have been on my mind ever since. Regretfully, I didn’t see yours or the first program, but I will be sure to now!!!

  • Caroline

    I am from a family of fifteen. Eight boys and seven girls. We were just like everybody else around. We didnt do things like these people do. We had one washer,one dryer, One refrigerator,one freezer. We didnt run things like a commune. And we went to the local public school. I dont know why they dotn put these kids in school. Then they would be more independent and individual.
    These p[eople have it much easier than my mom did. As far as conveniences etc. They dont know how good they have it.