Kids by the Dozen Showing in March (correction from earlier)

Sorry for not posting lately. I (dad) have been down with the “flu” for 13 days now. Yeesh. I’ve been to the doctors twice and can’t figure out what it is, only that it isn’t the flu. Symptoms include tired, dizziness, fever, aches, shakes, insomnia. I forced myself into the office today (sure wish I had sick pay) and am treading from task to task.

Spud emailed to let me know that TLC has changed their schedule. The Arndts and the Heppners are set to run in March, and I imagine they’ll pick a date for us soon. You can see the calendar for Kids by the Dozen here.

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  • Kristin

    I am sure that you have thought of this but -do you eat peanut butter?It’s just a thought.It sure sounds like it could be something like that if you eat peter pan or great value peanut butter.Just a thought.I hope you feel better.Kristin ps I thank you and your family for being so open and sharing w/us.I really enjoyed the show.

  • Michele

    I was about to ask about the peanut butter too. That is how we felt after we ate it!
    Hope you feel better soon!
    God Bless,

  • Small crew in TX

    Plz do get well soon. Keeping you in our prayers.
    There was a recall on Peter Pan brand peanut butter. Not sure on the exact information, probably could find it online. Our n’bors were affected w/symptoms like yours. The recall was for salmonella poisening. Praying that God is placing His healing hand upon you.

  • Rebecca Cook

    Sorry to hear you have been ill! Just a thought – you might want to have them check you for mono or if ya’ll have cats, then cat scratch disease. Both of those cause the symptoms you’ve listed. Lol…course, there’s prolly a zillion other things too, but those are from personal experience here. Hope you get better quick.