TLC Tonight: The Heppners and Their 16 Children

Be sure to tune into the Heppner broadcast on TLC tonight. I will be posting a poll to get feedback from you all then. Here’s their details, straight from TLC:

Spud and Miriam Heppner are the parents of 16 children, 9 still living at home! Getting everyone together for a weekend at the lake is easier said than done, but to the Heppners, family comes first.

Tune in 9:00 PM Eastern and/or 12:00 PM Eastern.

The Heppners

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Eva-Lynne

    I have never in my life seen love, commitment, self-sacrifice or beauty in the amounts I’ve witnessed this past hour watching a television program I hadn’t even meant to see. Beginning with the parents sitting together in the hammock giving the most obvious portrait of what two mature adults who love and respect one another look like to each and every one of their children, one no more or less absolutely striking in physical health and beauty; I am in awe of the family. Whatever it is they struggle with individually or as a family, I felt personally moved by their example. Not a religious person on principle, I do a sole endeavor in my spiritual growth — which means its generally slow and full of opportunities to start over again when my own best thinking makes a poor teacher. These days, I had become pretty discouraged. Right now, I know what this hour meant for me. It was a gift of hope and an encouragement to keep faithful, keep moving, and listen carefully. To me, your family proves the existence of God one more time.

    P.s. the Heppner home is gorgeous construction. The workmanship and woodwork was in itself a pleasure seeing! I don’t need to know how the parents do it, but I really am glad this show exists. Human, warts and all, and more the inspiring for it. Thanks TLC!!