Passover Seder Meal

The Passover Seder meal is something my mother started when my sisters and I were kids. The tradition passed on into my family in the 1990s. To get the entire family together (two adult children with busy schedules), we celebrated tonight (Sunday), all 13 kids and 1 grandkid in the dining room.

Seder Passover
The Jeubs prepare for Passover

I revised the script that my mom wrote in the mid 70s. You can view it here (Jeub Family Passover). The script does a great job tying the traditions of the Jewish faith with the parallels to Christianity. Enjoy the read!

If you are interested in celebrating the Seder with your family, you can do so this coming Thursday night. Jews all over the world will be celebrating with you. While they wait for the coming of their Messiah, you can celebrate with your children the reality of the coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the ultimate “Passover.”

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Angie

    How fun to see your family celebrating the Seder meal! We began celebrating the Passover meal many years ago before any of our children arrived on the scene. Now our children clamor for the celebration of the Passover meal! We have always celebrated with two other families, and the table has become very crowded! We typically celebrate our meal on Good Friday as that works best for our schedules–and allows for a longer celebration! My favorite part about the celebration of the Seder is how it has immersed us into the history of God’s forever family–making it so much more “real”. Thank you for sharing the Seder script that your family uses. Next year in Jerusalem!!

  • Rebecca Cook

    This is very cool Jeub family. thanks for sharing. Interesting, because we are not Jewish, but we do keep the same Sabbath, from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night.

  • Thewierd

    wow you were to busy in your bedroom if you had 13 kids

  • Tina Dolbeare

    I am preparing¬† a teaching on the Lord’s Supper and how it relates to the Passover, and as I studied felt led to ask the Elders of our church if we could have a Seder Celebration.¬† They agreed and I was so happy to find your picture and other helpful information.