Skiing down the slopes of Colorado

I took six of the 13 kids skiing yesterday. What a blast. Though I personally spent the entire day on the bunny hill training our first-year skier, Tabitha, I wouldn’t trade it for an entire week on the slopes. I captured a great video of all of us skiing down Loveland. Check it out…


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skiing2007_tabitha.jpg skiing2007_tabitha2.jpg

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  • Mikayla Fueshko

    Hey Jeubers!!!!! Those pics R awesome!! I had SO much fun skiing with ya’ll,Tabithia was doing amazing for her first time(I actully think she did better than me!) I hope everyone who had the little “bug” are feeling well,and I’m praying that no one else will get it! See ya Friday or Sunday!! Love you guys lots ‘n lots! Mikayla aka “MIke” =)ps The “Mike” thing is 4 Lydia! lol!

  • Dawn

    What great pics and video!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  • Heather Johnson

    We love skiing at Loveland! Our 4 year old son learned how to ski there this past Valentine’s Day.