We're set to run on Discovery Health!

I received an email from Spud Heppner informing us that our Kids by the Dozen show is set to run on April 14, this time on Discovery Health channel. We’re blocked with a bunch of shows about child delivery and the like. Here’s the link:


Spud asked, “When did you guys get filmed for the 9:00 show?” You’ll have to click through the link to get his joke…

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  • Michele

    LOL He certainly has a great sense of humor! :)
    Can’t wait to see the show again!
    God Bless,

  • Alicia

    Spud, spud, spud….. LOL

  • Kristi

    tee-hee… very funny!

  • http://blessedmomof4boys.blogspot.com/ Beth

    Loved the show!! However when it was over I was quickly scrambling for the remote for the 9 o’clock show..YIKES!! lol