Hannah's Suckers

Hannah and her Dum DumsMy daughter Hannah cried after the pinata broke at the 2006 Jeub Birthday Bash. The TLC cameras captured the crying. Hannah said she got only Tootsie Rolls. I tried to comfort her the best I could, but there were no suckers left.

Last weekend I attended our region’s national qualifying NCFCA debate tournament. A family from Colorado Springs who watched the program saw the part where Hannah cried for suckers. “I can’t believe Mr. Jeub wouldn’t give her any suckers!” they protested. So, they got their babysitting money out and bought Hannah an entire bag of Dum Dum suckers to share with her brothers and sisters.

So sweet! Hannah is enjoying her treats. She gives you her thanks!

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • http://gabbygwenhwyfar.blogspot.com/ Jennifer

    Awww how sweet! Look at her beautiful smile! Sugar will do that do ya! ๐Ÿ˜‰