What kind of health insurance do you carry?

I have been asked several times on what health insurance we carry. This is a good question, so I posted an FAQ on this very topic…Click here to read.

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  • Sid

    What happens when someone has a medical cost that is more than they can afford? Diagnostic testing, surgery, cancer treatment? Or is this just for routine healthcare costs as opposed to something catastrophic?
    Enjoyed looking at your website. Good wishes to all of you.


  • Chris Jeub

    We haven’t had a “catastrophe,” but I suppose you would have to pay it or make the claim and pay later. The nice thing about paying cash is that the healthcare facility usually drops their price considerably.

    Wendy went into the hospital recently for dehydration and she had to spend the night. The total bill was over $7000, but because we paid cash, we only paid less than $3500. We are now filing the claim with Samaritan and, in the end, we’ll receive much of it back.

  • Jason

    Sid raises a valid concern, because not everyone has a big chunk of money sitting around that they can use to pay a massive medical bill. Some Samaritan Members do what Chris is suggesting – pay their bills and then look to Samaritan members for reimbursement, but most people just tell the hospital to bill them and then pay the bill as soon as they have the money in hand. My family had a $10,000 hospital bill about a year and a half ago, and the hospital was very gracious with us. They gave us a couple of months to pay, and when we said we were paying cash, they gave us a discount.

    With Samaritan, you can turn in any medical need (that falls with the guidelines)that’s over $300 all the way up to $100,000, and there’s a separate program you can sign up for called Save to Share for medical needs that are over $100,000. It’s the little bills (under $300) that you can’t turn in to Samaritan.

    And Sid, regarding surgery, cancer treatment, diagnostic testing, etc.; those are all typical needs that Samaritan publishes every month, and the ministry works. I know because I work there. :)

    …so maybe I’m biased…