Another TLC Episode in the Making

We just got word from TLC that we will be doing another episode with them. Details are coming together next week and I’ll post more details then. For now, the plans are quite exciting. We will be traveling to the Black Hills for a family vacation. We will be joining DuWayne and Miriam Heppner and their family of 17 children.

Pug on the BusIf you didn’t know, the Heppners were one of the other families on “Kids by the Dozen.” They have 16 children–many of them adults–and they just adopted their niece (quite a story…I’m sure it will come out in the next episode). Most of their kids are adults, but we’re hoping many of them will make the trip. Josiah, their 4th child, spent a great deal of time with our family a few years ago. He helped us renovate our bus. He’s pictured on the right on the top of our bus. He and many of his sibling may make it to the camping trip for at least one campfire time, and we’re going to try to get Alicia and Alissa up for an evening. The Black Hills is about a 7 hour drive from here, and getting adult children out of their busy lives is difficult, but, we have all the little ones nonetheless.

We’re talking to the producer next week to nail down details. I’ll post as they surface…

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  • Rebecca Cook

    That’s fantastic news! I bet ya’ll are excited.

  • Tiffany

    That is awsome! I cannot wait to see this one. I have been following you as well as the other family. I just also wanted to say I loved your book.

  • Valerie

    I can’t wait! We’re big fans. I also loved your book. I wish that the Heppners would write one too!

  • Davia Montanez

    That is wonderful news. I can’t wait to watch it. I have been following all the families and I’m overwhelmed but inspired! Congrats on the coming of the newest blessing.

  • Mary Skipper

    I am so excited for your family. You inspire me I always wanted to be quiverful, but was unable to have children. We have adopted 3 little girls but our state limits the amount of children you can adopt.

  • Nancy Jones

    I can’t wait to find out about the next episode!