#14 is on his/her way!

Wendy and I are expecting our 14th child to be born. Wow, God is good. Wendy is just about at her 1/2-way mark (heh, we don’t like to tell people too early). Everything is going along quite fine, the kids are excited, and we are looking forward to a 14th Jeub in November.


About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Maria

    Hi Chris and Wendy
    Congrats! I hope that Wendy is feeling well. Have you given any thought to names yet? Just curious.
    Best of Luck

  • melissa

    Congratulations! That is so exciting!

  • http://working-diva.blogspot.com ElleBee

    Congratulations! Best wishes and prayers to you!

  • Rachel

    Congratulations! Do you plan on finding out if the baby is a boy or a girl before he/she is born?

  • Rebekah

    Congratulations, how exciting!

  • http://www.contentmentacres.com Wendy Asbell

    Congratulations and PRAISE THE LORD!!!

  • http://gabbygwenhwyfar.blogspot.com/ ~*~ Jennifer ~*~

    Hooray Jeubs. Congratulations!! Oh to be #14. Wouldn’t that be a privilege? Not many #14 kiddos around these days. Ü Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  • Valerie

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

  • Sue

    Absolutely awesome! Congratulations and continued blessings to your family!

  • Charlotte

    Congratulations! Such a heritage! I am also interested if you will be finding out if the baby is a boy or a girl!

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Wendy Jeub

    Thank you all so much for all your congratulatory notes. Nope we do not find out what sex the baby is. I like to be surprised. I am kinda old-fashioned like that. Your prayers are greatly needed and we are thankful for them. Blessings to you all.

  • http://www.kimbeasley.typepad.com Kim

    Congratulations Wendy and Chris! I watched you on Kids By the Dozen and really enjoyed all the families featured. I also just ordered your new book and look forward to it. I am pregnant with baby number 7 and really admire all you big families. You make it look too easy! Ha! I am really excited about the book cause as more kids have blessed our lives, I have become more in a disarray with everything! I do get my older kids to help alot, but it’s still hard. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, though. I love my family! Wendy, your in my thoughts and prayers and I pray for a healthy pregnancy for you (as well as for me). Take Care! God Bless! Kim

  • Kendra

    Congratulations! You are an inspiration.

  • Stacie

    We are very excited for you all. We watched your show and enjoyed it very much! How exciting to have another baby on the way. I don’t know how you do it!

    Steve, Stacie, Joshua (8), Marcus (6), Jessica (4), Andrew (2), and Jacob (4 mos)

  • http://www.panclaninmn.blogspot.com Beth Pankratz

    Hey Wendy we are due close to the same time. It will be my 9th not counting miscarrages but will be my #15 since have adopted.
    Blessings to you Beth, wife to Van, mom to JoyAnn 18, Vonn 17, Seleen 13, Brandon 12, Quentin 12, Tristan 10, Rolaun 9, Ran 8, Levin 8, Benjamin 7, Magdalyn 6, Aaron 6, SuZenn 4, and Reuben 2.

  • kelly

    Congratulations! Hope all goes well!

  • Angie

    Congratulations! We have half as many as you,7 kids, 5 boys & 2 girls from age 13 to 3. I’m glad I got a chance to watch you on tv, I like to see how other( same size or bigger)families do the day to day and special days to get ideas. Thanks for sharing…

  • Sandy

    Wendy and Chris congratulations on the new baby!! I just had my first baby at 39 and see how it can be trying at times to have one so late. I’ll be praying for ya’ll!!

    I so applaud you for having a large family. I so wished to have one but very thankful for my one that God so blessed us with!!!

  • Wendy

    Congratulations, Wendy & Chris!

    My husband and I are due in November, also.
    This will make it easy for me to remember to pray for a safe and healthy delivery for you and the baby each day :-).

    I don’t know about you, but many folks have literally “gasped” when they found out I was 40 and having another baby (this will be our 12th. 17th if you count our blessings waiting for us in Heaven!)

    I guess it all boils down to the fact that when we are “in the world” but not “of the world”, there will be folks who basically look down us.

    Irregardless, we know that we are doing the Lord’s will. No nasty look or hurtful comment can change that :-).

    Keep up the great work of reaching out to folks.
    Even though we have been contacted by radio shows, newspapers and magazines, we have always turned them down out of “fear”.

    I am a bit ashamed after seeing how you “stood up” and proudly countered the typical reaction to large families.


    Walt and Wendy Cukierski and our 12 blessings from God

  • http://huffmasterfamily.com Dawn

    I saw your announcement on the QF Digest so I came to look at your blog! I was signed up for email notifications, but haven’t been getting them for some reason, so I’m so glad I stopped by today to see the wonderful updates!! Congratulations to your family!!

    Dawn Huffmaster – Mama To Six Blessings So Far!

  • http://www.theflyingspur.com Ian J.

    This is wonderful news! I think more Christian families ought to have large families. Children are so cool. God bless you all and your new expected little one!


  • Ileana

    Congrats. I am one of 13…. Not very common when we were growing up. I hear about it more now then I did growing up… Loved it though.. I have 4 myself SO FAR, God willing would love to have more…

  • Beth

    I started to *notice* your family around the arrival of your twins, as I too was carrying
    b/g twins (Feb 28th,2006). We’ve exchanged a few emails since and now with this website it so easy to keep abreast of all the Jeub news!
    We don’t have the channels that carry the programs about ‘bigger families’ but I caught some of one program. I can’t imagine adding a camera crew to our daily routine! Wow! My kids so want to meet you guys. (not too likely as we’re in Canada) but maybe someday.

    Special congratulations on this newest Jeub being developed :) We’ve had a curious break in our ‘baby streak’, but after 8 in 8 years, perhaps the Lord knew it was ‘break time’.

    What is most enjoyable to observe in your family is the unity.
    Love in Christ
    Beth, Geoff and Marney gang

  • Cheryl

    Congratulations, thanks for sharing your life.
    God bless,
    Tim and Cheryl
    Rachel (13) Andrew (10) Katherine (8) Joseph (6) Lauren (4) “Jack” (2) and a new one due in Dec.

  • trudy thompson

    congratulations,,,god bless,,,i came from a large family,,,had several other large families in the small country school we attended,,,i am 60 and i used to laugh when people would say “you must be catholic” my dad{still living} would say “no just healthy primitive baptist”,,,todays world makes such a big deal about home schooling,,,i was raised to believe that being a parent is being a teacher,,,love and prayers,,,,trudy

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Kristy

    “Every mighty oak was once a little nut that held its ground”.

    Thanks for that thought. Many times we definitely feel like nuts, way out in left field in our Christian walk, but how encouraging to remember to never give up! God does have a plan and sometimes we just have to wait for it to show itself (such as “holding your ground” on something and finally seeing the fruit of it in your life or your children’s lives). It takes oak trees many many years to mature. But once they do, their roots are ground deep and they are very strong to withstand many winds that blow. We live around many scrub oak trees, and they are just beautiful!

    I am so saddened these days to see fellow nuts NOT holding their ground, but tiring from the winds of persecution, separateness and non-conformance to the world, and such. The winds blow (and they will blow hard) and these little nuts are up rooted from their soft bed of soil, and soon they are flying in the wind.

    “And Let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not”. Gal 6:9

    “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath ordained that we should walk in them”. Eph 2:10

    “We then, as workers (little nuts) together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not (don’t give up) the grace of God in vain”. 2Co 6:1


    “he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2Co 12:9

    God Bless,

    Kristy Hollingshead (Lee’s helpmeet) and momy to Bryson 22, Jerin (soon to be 21 and having a Hawaiian luau celebration!) Brandon (worshipping in heaven at 14), Justin 18, Brooklyn 10, Jacob 8, Brianne 6, Jordan 4 and Jocelyn 1.5.

    Congratulations on the newest one to come!!!