A very nice email

We got an email from a mother of 11 who ordered our book last month. I thought I’d post it. Her response to the book captures the heart of why we wrote it:

We just received the Jeub’s book in the mail and I read the entire thing
today! I just couldn’t put it down :-). I highly, highly, highly recommend

I must say that I was re-energized knowing that we’re not the only family
that believes as we do. It is hard to be “counter-cultural”, so the book
served as a major boost for my “down in the dumps” feeling today :-).

We laughed and chuckled as we identified with so many things in the book.

I’m going to keep the book right near my Bible…that’s how inspirational I
found it to be! It might serve as an additional source of inspiration on
those bad days when we get “the look” or “unkind comment” from a stranger.
Little do these folks know what they are missing!

God bless the Jeub’s and all of you folks on Quiverfull!
(PS…we have the Quiverfull bumpersticker on our van and we catch folks
reading it in parking lots! LOL)

In God’s Love,
Walt and Wendy Cukierski and our 12 blessings from God

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About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Sandy

    Now I can’t wait to get my book!!! I wish I had it today. Chris do you know of other web sites like yours of large families? I have visited the other families from the TLC program and would love to visit more. I so pray that God will open my womb for more children. We have 1 newborn and hubby has 4 from another marriage. 5 is a good number but I feel lead to have more!

  • Tiffany

    I too would also love to know of other websites like yours. I have read your book and really love it. I would love to talk with you more. I have 5 children at this time and would love to let God work in our lives and add more children but we have one troubled child. He takes alot of time and energy to parent. If you have a chance please email me and let me know what you do in this circumstance. Thanks