Busy with Training Minds for Action

I personally haven’t been posting lately, largely because I’ve been busy with my job. I thought I’d take some time to explain what I do to provide for my family. Much of it can be seen in our FAQ post “What do you do for a living?“, but allow me to be a little more detailed.

Debate Camp 2006I am first the president of an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit called Training Minds Ministry. I organize a number of academic debate camps across the country, of which I help coach. Our main camp in Colorado just recently filled up with nearly 150 students and their families. The debaters train to compete in the National Christian Forensics & Communications Association, the country’s 3rd largest forensics league and the only nationally recognized home-school extracurricular activity. We enjoyed quite a success rate as nearly half of our debaters qualified to Nationals, and our camp alumni took many of the top awards once they got there. I couldn’t be more proud of the coaching staff and, more importantly, how God has blessed the students. (Are you interested in our camps? Check us out here.)

Central to the debate program is the curriculum that comes with it. I have my nose bowed deep in research, writing, editing and publishing not only my work but the work of other top coaches in the country. My publishing company, Monument Publishing, has been with the NCFCA since its creation in 1996, delivering the bestselling resources to speakers and debaters across the country. I distribute over 1000 team-policy manuals known in the league as “The Blue Book” (our bestseller). I am releasing my 3rd edition of Jeub’s Guide to Home School Speech & Debate next month (and there is a 50% off sale going on right now till July 15 at the site SpeechSupplies.com…for all preorders). We have a lot of fun crafting the curriculum for debaters.

The skills learned by the students are incredible. Both Alicia and Alissa have strong heads on their shoulders largely, I believe, from the critical thinking skills taught by debate. Cynthia and Lydia plan to debate this year, and they already have learned much in the arena of competition (they have a few more years). I plan to be doing this for the next several years, as we have some champion debaters making their way up through the ages.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.