The Duggars Welcome #17

The Drudge Report, the world’s most visited website, has on its front page the posting, “Arkansas Couple Welcomes 17th Child!” I tried visiting the Duggar’s website, and I think their server is melting. You can read about their 17th birth (just 30 minutes of labor!) here.

The Duggar's 17th Child

Congratulations Duggars! 

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Sandy

    I am so happy for them. She looks so good after labor! God is so good!!

  • Kelly

    When I heard that the baby was not there and had been a week late, I thought she died from stillbirth or something. Glad she didn’t! I saw previews of their new documentary. I like the style of that house. I have a question for you guys: How many bedrooms do you have in your house? Do the kids have to share beds?

    Before the Duggars built their home, the kids had to share beds in two small rooms.

  • Becky

    I’m sooo happy for the Duggar’s, they are a wonderful family and God IS GOOD!!!
    Becky in Okla.

  • Wendy Jeub

    Hello Kelly, On our “show” we do a little tour of our very modest house. We have 3 bathrooms (thank the Lord) and 4 bedrooms. However, we do bunks and don’t have that many kids sharing beds but they do share rooms. When I grew up I shared a bed and a room with my two little sisters, Paula and Heather, they are shown on our TLC show.
    Blessings, Wendy

  • Bethany

    Yes, their server is melting, I cannot get on their site for anything.

    Im glad that the Mrs. Duggar had a good delivery. I just wished shed listen to the doctors when they tell her it is dangerous to have more kids. I’d hate to see somthing happen.

    Have you ever been told to stop having kids or your could hurt them or yourself? If not, if you ever were told that would you not have anymore?

  • Kristy

    I get so tired of the remarks by people sometimes!! The last time the Duggars had a baby (not the most recent, Jennifer) I had gone online and saw the update, etc… On one site there were such nasty comments, I couldn’t believe it. Why in the world should anyone care how many children any of us has when were not asking any of them to pay any of our bills, etc…
    And the Duggars living debt free, wow you would think they would be complimented. Not very many people could do that with only 2 children and both spouses working!

    I have got to think that we are the light of the world, and the darkness cannot comprehend it. We are the righteousness of God and it brings conviction on those who do not believe (or fellow believers who are not living their lives according to the scriptures).
    Everything that our lives represent falls into the lines of a serious spiritual battle, and that is what we are warring against. Not flesh and blood. I know we just have to remind ourselves of this sometimes, and press on in the fight. Our captain will not let us down, and we know that he plans to win this war! We shall overcome if we faint not! Praise God!!

    God Bless you, too, with your new little one to come. Wow 13!! This is my 13th pregnancy, though (10th child, hopefully to carry to term). I am trying to be obedient to the Lord in our family planning and am so grateful when he blesses our womb with another child to love, but wow it does get to be a whole lot on the plate at times! (homeschooling, keeping up with the house, etc…).

    The Lord bless your day!

    Kristy Hollingshead