Kids by the Dozen: 11 Months Later

Our “Kids by the Dozen” show airs tonight on TLC. Wendy and I and the kids watched it on DVD the other night. Much has changed since we welcomed a camera crew into our home to capture life in the Jeub home! Here are some highlights…

  • The kids are bigger. Both Cynthia and Lydia have grown to be much more teenage-looking (15 and 13 now), and the boys are more husky. The twins are running around eating and talking…and all the others are growing up quickly.
  • We wrote a book. Love in the House is making a significant impact on families across the nation. Wendy and I spent a great deal of time articulating our lives in this book, so I hope you get a copy.
  • Alicia and Isaac are an active part of our lives again. The TLC show brought to surface our conflict with love and has made us better parents. We sure love our relationship with our daughter.
  • Business is good. This time last year, I admitted making $40k/year. Tough to survive on that income with 13 kids, for sure! But, God always provides, and my hard work and Wendy’s support is starting to pay off. I’m sure I’ll post more on that in the future.
  • We’re expecting #14 in November! Wendy is a top shape. She had a tough first trimester, but she discovered a salt imbalance and changed her diet. All problems went away, and she’s looking tremendous! Ahhh, life is good.

If you are visiting this site for the first time, we hope you keep an open mind and a big heart. We know our lifestyle scares some people, but really, it is a lifestyle of joy. Bottom line is that our lives are dedicated to Jesus Christ, and we have simply followed his leading. The fruits of love and joy are fruits that God offers to all of us, no matter how many children you have. We invite you into His family!

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Patty Covarrubias

    Hello Jeub family! Okay, my 7yo daughter and I are catching your show right now! I just couldn’t wait to see if you had a website :) I just wanted you to know that we are enjoying learning about your family…

    Gotta go, shows back on :))))

  • Joanna Backman

    we just finished watched your show about your remarkable family! i know there may be though who thinks your family too large, but i found so much inspiration and could feel your blessings as my own! i am a 50-year old mom at home, we just “lost” our first baby, Joseph, 19 in 2 months, to Iowa State University and we are so proud of him. we live outside Minneapolis, and I was born and raised in Texas, lost my 59year old mom suddenly 13 yrs ago and my life has never been the same. Other than Joseph, we have Kyle David, 15, and Hannah Joy, 11. We were wondering the middle name of your Hannah!! We were blessed 7 times in pregnancy, but four of those babies were born into heaven, so I am sure my Mama has found them by now…..

    I know you can’t share your address with every goofy mother who asks, but if there is another address where we can send little things from time to time, i would just love that! Your babies touched my heart so deeply, now thrilled to hear bout #14 and I do admire your love and your spirit and your energy! i have some chronic health issues that make me less the good Mom i would like to be..but I guess we all work with what we are given by God.

    God bless, maybe post a place on your site for gifts from friends!

    Joanna Backman
    Bloomington MN 55420

  • Vicki

    Hello Jeubs!
    Wanted to say that I love your show and am definitely inspired by your testimony. (I wish TLC would do another show on your family and the Duggars as well)

    Blessings and Thanks for letting us peek into your lives.. :)

  • Cindy

    I watched your show for a second time because it helps inspire me to keep my grocery budgeting in check and to keep the household on a schedule and routine. Your children are wonderful and very helpful. I am happy to read on your website that you finally have a relationship with your oldest daughter again. Love her and cherish her and don’t let her out of your life again. Best wishes to you guys!

  • Julie

    Chris and Wendy, My husband and I just finished watching your show for the second time. We marvel at how you are able to keep your family going and so happy! I am amazed at the only $150 a week grocery bill..we spend that on our family of 5! We are expecting baby #4 in December. God bless your family. In Him, Julie

    PS. I would love another show about your family too.

  • Rebecca

    Chris and Wendy,

    Thank you for sharing your family story and showing the love of Christ.

    I was especially touched with your oldest
    daughter’s situation as I am going thru some similiar struggles with my teens and it really hit home. I am so glad I saw your program last night, renewed my hope that things will get better !

    May God continue to bless your awesome family and Congratualtions on #14.

    Your cup truly runneth over.


  • Kelli Johnson

    Dear Chris and Wendy,

    I have watched your episode of Kids by the Dozen almost every time that it has aired. Your family is inspiring and I always appreciate when secular television airs something that freely allows people to declare their faith and trust in God and how He is soooo faithful. Congratulations on gift #14. We are expecting baby #6 in October after suffering 3 miscarriages last year. I nearly gave up on anymore children figuring after three strikes I was gonna take myself out of the game. But God in His mercy spoke clearly to me about trusting Him (Proverbs 3) no matter what may come my way. Trusting Him is my only obligation. I surrendered to Him and here I am with 6 weeks left until we meet our 5th daughter. What I would have missed if I had followed my mind and not my heart (or God’s heart).
    My children like to say that we are the cheaper by the half dozen family in our church. We are blessed to have many large families in our church so we have alot of support. Your family would fit in well here. I have read your book as well and it is a great example of honesty and encouragement to families.
    I am glad to hear that all is well with your family and will look forward to a new episode about your family.
    By the way, when you mentioned that business is going well, I have always said and firmly believe that when God gives the gift of another blessing of a child, He always provides the way!!! We have seen this many, many times in our family. He has never forsaken us and never left us begging bread. He is so faithful!! We have no need to fear when Jehovah Jireh is in our courts!!

    Many blessings to you all!!

  • Laura

    I was sharing your story at night, at work with some co-workers and one, young guy asked me, “Sheesh, why do people DO that? (have lots of kids) I mean, like, after five or six they could figure out how to go DO something (I’m assuming here he means “get fixed”)!” YOU provided me with an opportunity to show faith! Most of the ladies around me (I work in a children’s clothing store at night for a few hours only) knew that I have 5 children with one on the way so they just kind of snickered at him. Finally one of them told him and he turned red. But I just laughed and said that I would LOVE to have eleven children and I believe that that statement changed his heart a little (and maybe the hearts of the other ladies around us working). He didn’t make any more negative comments about too many children and even started talking about how much he loved his niece…And he told me he would install a limo-like contraption so I wouldn’t have to listen to the kids in the back of MY 15 passenger van that I showed to him outside the window. I thought that that was rather helpful…baby steps, right? Heehee, thank you for sharing your story and showing how a realistic and practical family strives to do God’s will and does a fantastic job!

  • Sandy

    I watched your show for qhat I thinks is the 4th time. Your family is such an inspiration. You show God through you without ramming it down our throats. Hubby even watched it. I have read your book also and keep it beside the bed to reread points that may not have sunk in!! LOL

    I really am glad Wendy is OK. I’ve not heard much about her on the web page and was getting worried. Praise God everything is well with her and the baby!!

    Can’t wait to see another show! Hint Hint

  • mandi campbell

    Dear Chris and Wendy,
    I watched your show for the third time the other night and I’m amazed with how much patience you have with your children. I have four and I can only hope that I show them as much love and patience. My husband and I keep saying that if we had more money we would want more children. We make about what you do and I can’t help but think after watching your show that maybe giving our kids everything their friends have isn’t what it’s all about. By the way, how do you take care of your family on only 150 a week? I could sure use some tips. Congrats on the new gift from heaven. Hope all goes well.

  • Robin

    Congratulations on #14. You have so much faith! I stopped at 7 kiddos. Was getting warn down mentally and physically. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • T. Gates

    Congratulations on #14! I hope all goes well! Keep us posted. I am expecting #3, and I am wondering where Wendy finds modest maternity clothes. Everything I find fits too tight or is cut too short or cut too low! Thanks!

  • Eva Atkins

    I am so thrilled for you! Praying you will continue to feel well! In Him, Eva

  • A. Negron

    I am very happy to hear about your new pregnancy and to hear that Alicia and Isaak are back in your life. I think for Isaak especially, this should be a blessing to have so many aunties and uncles around his age.

  • Evan

    Like the video “Made to Love” of josh, reminds me of all the my friends who love their kids. I don’t know if ya’ll have it on youtube but yall would prolly get more hits to your website. I followed a link from the Heppner’s. Ya’ll have healthy looking family though :)


  • Jane

    Congratulations on #14! We are a family blessed with 10, 3 by birth and 6 soon to be 7 through adoption. We struggle with issues different than many with large families by birth, and try to instill your parenting styles recommended in your book LOVE IN THE HOUSE, which we purchased, and love. All of our adopted children were prenatally exposed to drugs and or alcohol, they have many behavioral issues, we are not sure if they are spiritual related or not, how can you truly tell with a child in this situation? Thanks

  • Joanne

    As an adult child whose parents have choosen to distance themselves based on my adult-choices, I can sympathized with your daughter Alicia and see the pain in her face. I hope & pray that you can repair your relationship with her and with your grandson before too much more time comes.

    13 almost 14 kids and here we were freaking out because we are pregnant with #4 at 39. God Bless you all and take care of each other!

    The Watson Family

  • Cheryl

    We just watched the TV special AGAIN today. I think we have it memorized! Thank you for sharing your lives. Congratulations on your new little one.
    We are expecting our 7th in December. God bless,
    The Holmanbunch —Jeub fans from the Jersey Shore

  • Kelly

    I missed your show and I missed the first one today. I didn’t even realize it was going to be on anytime soon. Maybe when it airs again, I’ll get to watch it. Congrats on number 14. Is it a boy or a girl or twins?

  • Erin

    I loved watching your show the other night. My dh and I watched it together. We have 4 daughters and are hoping for more. God is leading me to trust Him and we are open to more children. I tease my husband that I want 14 but I’m a little too old to get to that number.

    There was so much love in your family! That’s what I notice the most about the large family shows. There is a profound faith in our Father and the children have so much love. Who would ever ask a kid if they have enough love for all their siblings, yet everyone feels free to ask parents :(

    Blessings to you and your family. Prayers on your upcoming arrival. Praising God that your lost lamb has come home. I would love to see an updated show on your family :)

  • Laura

    I recently quit working after 15 yrs as a working mom. So I am watching shows about families with many children and checking out the websites: SUCH a wealth of information and inspiration. I have two boys who are 10 yrs apart, something I wish had worked out differently. It was always money issues over something and we felt we were being responsible in waiting, and in fact, something we were proud of. Then we went to have baby #2 and it took 3 fertility doctors and 4 yrs almost to the day. This experience totally changed my outlook. Had I known I was losing fertile years, I’d have had 3 or 4 children and stayed home. I NEVER felt right about working even though there just wasn’t any other way. Even now I deal with my mother in law who, upon finding out I’d quit, said, “Well, why does SHE need to be home when everyone else works?”

    All I know is, I’m finally where I need to be. I am consulting doctors to see about dealing with my medical issue that delayed my 2nd son. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to learn about your family and to see that you are doing it – and on far less $$ than anyone probably thought. I mentioned this to someone who assumed that you were being funded by a wealthy parent!

    Thank you for putting your story out there. Thank you for sharing your budgeting tips. I have been shopping and buying in bulk, using Wendy’s tips, as well as tips from the Duggar family, and we are far more stocked up on much better, home cooked foods much longer. Amazing. I cannot believe the true “cost” of my working all those years. (I know for many there isn’t another option because I lived it….God bless working mothers who wish they could be home.)

  • Tori Welch

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for giving me your autograph and to tell you that I admire both you and your husband.I could never even begin to imagine having that many brothers and sisters two of them is enough for me. Once again I thank you and It was an honer to talk to both you and your daughter.
    God Bless you all.

  • Apryl

    Your family is amazing!!!! I am so happy to hear your having a new little one. I loved the video!! Hope to see another update on your family soon. I have 6 kids at this time 3 singletons and a set of triplets. We hope to add at least on more. God Bless You All.