Joshua's "Made to Love"

Lydia (13) has done it again. Following her debut video of her little twin sister, Havilah, comes the montage of her little twin brother, Joshua (1). The video is put to “Made to Love” by Toby McKeehan (used with permission from TobyMac). Watch the video and let Lydia know how you enjoyed it. She appreciates the feedback. Enjoy!

  • Sharlene Fortner

    Love this video also. This is great Lydia. Keep up the good work!! You are very talented.

  • Delilah

    Wow Lydia once again you did a wonderful job! I can’t wait to see more work from you in the future. Maybe when the new baby comes, you can do one of her/him.

  • Sandy

    Lydia once again you’ve done an awesome job!!
    You have a wonderful talent, use it for God’s glory and it will only get better!!!

  • Becky

    Cool! Great Job, Lydia! I know it must have taken a long time and it worked so well with the music. Congrats on a job well done.

  • Jodi

    I am amazed at your talent, Lydia. I have no doubt that you will be famous one day!

  • Heather

    Excellent Lydia! This gave me goose bumps. Joshua is just as adorable as Havilah! You are destine for great things! -Your Aunt, in MN

  • Teresa

    I think you should send this to Tobymac’s website. You did an awesome job!!

  • Melissa

    This is such a beautiful video! It fits the music perfectly, and gives such a good picture of who Joshua is. :-) Good job!

  • Cynthia

    Lydia, EXCELLENT!!!! What a gift you have! ~Cynthia

  • Kristi Tripp

    Way to go, Lydia! That was AWESOME!!! I loved it!

  • Jill


    Our family has just loved this video and the one of Havilah, too! You are very, very talented and the love for your siblings shows through in each shot!! Keep it up!!!
    The Yuens

  • Alicia

    GREAT job Lydia! I’m VERY impressed! The movie went so well with the music. Job well done :o) Love ya!

  • Elmarie


    You did a wonderful job as always. Thank you for blessing us with it.

  • Kate Dwyer

    Lydia, what an excellent job you have done with this video!!! God has definetly given you a talent in filming!! Can’t wait to see more from you!!

  • Kate

    What an excellent job you have done with this video!! God has definetly given you a talent in filming, can’t wait to see more from you!!

  • Kian Schuemann

    Great job! Loved the part when Joshua is sliding up the slide. You are very creative.
    Kian Schuemann

  • Lauren

    hey lydia you did a great job i thought that was really cool how you made the first part of the video follow with the song lyrics!!

  • Nancy Palmer

    Great job, Lydia! I love that song, too! It very aptly describes a boy. I can tell you’ve been working on some “special effects” and new editing. Very cool! Keep up the good work!11

  • Wendy Jeub

    Lydia is a wonderful girl and she really touches my heart, I am very proud of her. (and all my talented, wonderful children)She has received quite a lot of feed back on Havilah and she hopes to get even more for Joshua’s video. So keep those comments coming!
    I am a very proud mama. This video puts a song in my heart and a smile on my face.


  • Sarah from momys

    You are very talented & did a great job! What a blessing you are to your family

  • Ellen

    Cool job! My kids loved it,esp my little boy! Maybe you will be a future producer, director-or camera person-keep up the good work! We enjoyed it and it was the perfect song-never heard of it before but I liked it!

  • Emily :)

    Awsome Job Lydia!!! Glad you got it done!!!!!!!

  • KelliSue -MOMYS

    You did a wonderful job. What a kick to see your brother Joshua in action. We’ve never heard the song here either, but we sure liked it. Our Emma is 17 months old in a few days, so we think Joshua is especially amusing and charming.

    Kolz Family

  • Kari

    Hey great job on the video. I enjoyed seeing how you took the video of your brother abd added so many neat details/graphics.

  • Eunice

    GREAT cinematography Lydia! One day maybe you can tell your families story the way THEY want it told. Control over the editing……

    Keep it up!

  • Dina from MOMYS


    Obviously this took a LOT of work. What a great job!

    Joshua looks a lot like our 2 1/2 year old (Andrew) did at that age. So cute!

    Now, I’m inspired to dust off the camera and at least get a little more unedited video of him while I can. Thank, Lydia, for the reminder that I need to do that!

  • Andrea Hertz

    beautiful video! Joshua is so cute!
    The Hertz Family,
    (#9 due in April)

  • Emily

    Good job girl!! Keep up the great work!!

  • Lucinda Martin

    What a sweet Video! There is so much trash on the internet so it’s wonderful to see something so innocent and precious. Joshua is so cute and at such an adorable age! Thanks for sharing!
    The Martin family

  • Kris Wilson

    Wow, Lydia! What a delightful way to celebrate your charming twin sibs. I know how much work goes into video editing — this was truly a labor of love. Looking forward to seeing you in WORDSworth!

  • Becky J

    Lydia, what a treasure for everyone, but especially for Joshua when he is older! I noticed you added more special effects this time. Your ability is growing by leaps and bounds. Great job!! Are you going to do a video of each of your siblings? That would keep you busy for awhile. You’ll be a professional by the time you’re done. Keep up the good work, and we look forward to future videos. :)

  • Peggy H.

    What an awesome job Lydia! Way to go! Joshua is such a little ham. :)

  • Maria

    Great job Lydia- You should do a short documentary from your point of view on your family.

  • Mom2Six

    What a treasure you created for your family! Great Job!

  • Rachel

    Wonderful, Lydia!! You brought tears to my eyes – happy tears!! Another beautiful video.

  • Chloe

    Bravo Lydia! I’m vey impressed. Keep up the good work. A day in the life of a baby was never so exciting ;-).

  • Tori Thompson

    Lydia Dear,
    You have a gift kid! You should make a video of me!

    Love ya girl,

  • Madison

    Lydia you did great it was wonderful nice going. the Lord is proud of you!!!!

  • Cecelia Zandbergen

    Man! I should hire you to come do my children! I haven’t even had a professional picture done of little Joey and he is 19 months! Good job guys! I think I will give my daughter the opportunity to be family photographer as well!

  • Cheryl

    Great job, Lydia. Awesome special effects! Make more!!!
    –The Holmanbunch

  • Deanna

    Lydia, you made me go and hug one of my little ones that is the same age! What a great song too…so much truth to that. Thank you for sharing it!!!

  • K’la

    u did an awsome job!
    Joshua is such a lil cutie. :)
    keep up the good work.

  • Carly


  • Carey

    What a beautiful job you’ve done! These videos will truly be lifetime treasures for your whole family. I’ve often regretted that I never got a video camera and have no recordings of my kids when they were babies, but you’ve inspired me to get one as our family gift this Christmas. I wonder if my teenagers will be as creative filming the little ones as you are.

  • Heather

    You are an inspiration to my children! They admire the way you show so much love for your younger brothers and sisters! We pray the Lord continues to bless you and your family, and may we not rest untill we see HIS face! Loving you from Georgia!

  • Donielle

    How AWESOME!!! You did a great job, and those babies are just PRECIOUS! We all loved watching it here!!!
    The Shepherd Family in Michigan

  • Brandi Johnson

    Lydia, I just watched both videos that you did of your twin siblings and I loved both of them! You have a wonderful gift! Use it to glorify God and you will go far! I can’t wait to see more! :o) God Bless!

  • Stephanie

    Loved your video of little Joshua. It inspired me to love my own little blessings all the more! Be Blessed,
    Stephanie in SC

  • Melanie Whitcomb

    Lydia~ you rock!!!
    I love Toby Mac!!! You did a great job. He is such a cutie! That was great. (just an fyi: It was so much fun sharing a room with you at camp! You are so great at cup-stacking, movie making, making me laugh!!!

    Thanks for that joy girly!
    ~Melanie Rose

  • The Heppners

    Lydia, Great job! We love the video! Way cute!Looking forward to seeing you all again. Take good care of your mama! Bessings! The Heppners

  • Bonnie

    awesome! I couldn’t stop smiling! What a precious treasure you have created!! way to go! will you come do one for each of my 8 treasures? (o: great job!

  • The Kempers

    You are so talented!!!!!
    Looks like you may have found your niche.
    We look forward to seeing more of your vidios.

    The Kempers

  • Monica Barber

    Both of the videos by Lydia (Havilah’s and Joshua’s) brought tears to my eyes — in a good way! So beautiful and well-done! You can really see the love Lydia has for her little brother and sister by watching these montages, and both of the songs chosen to accompany them fit perfectly. Keep up the good work — can’t wait to see more!!