Lydia's Bull 5×5

Latest news: Lydia Jeub (13) went hunting in the mountains of Colorado and got a 5×5 bull on Monday morning. It is quite exciting. Here’s a wonderful picture of Lydia and her bull! (her story follows)

Lydia’s Bull

On opening day my dad and I got up at 4:30 AM and hiked a mile to our friends’ spike camp. Then we hiked up to our hunting spot and waited till sunrise. We saw a herd go by about 200 yards away so we ran after them, but we had no luck. 10 minets later we heard on our radio that one of our friends shot a cow up by where we were sitting moments before. When we got back to our old spot we decided to move a little bit to another spot where we hunted the rest of the day. At about 2:00 PM we saw a small herd of five elk: two calves and three small bulls. The biggest of the bulls was a 4+3 (a legal bull) but I was too afraid to shoot my gun. My dad said that he was pretty tempted to shoot my Elk for me, for he had it in his sites waiting for me to shoot. For the first day, this bull got away.

It was the second day of hunting and our hunting party of 10 only had two cows. All of us were tired and it rained so we all slept in. We didn’t get to our new spot till about 10 AM. It was cooler that day and my dad said he should take a walk and warm up. While he was gone I thought I saw two or three cows about 150 yards away and they were in-between the thick aspens. I called my dad on my radio and he came back to see if those elk that I saw were still there. But by the time he got there they were long gone. So we decided to walk a bit then sit down. Dad said that this is how real hunters hunt. So we did that for an hour till we found a good spot. I sat on a log about 50 yards from another log that dad was sitting for about twenty minutes; we sat there until dad said to come up by him. I was fazing one way and my dad fazing the other: he was falling a sleep and I was being lazy with my gun. So, my gun was on the ground and I was getting tired of hunting. About ten minutes later Dad wakes up and says, “Lydia, look behind you!” I turned to look and 10 feet in front of us is a 6+5 bull. I was trying to count the points while my dad was saying, “It’s legal, it’s legal! Shoot it, shoot it!” (A legal bull needs at least 4 points on one side of the antlers.) But, by the time my gun was off the ground and in my hand, the bull was long gone. We went after it and followed its footprints but we didn’t see him again. Where we were sitting to see if that bull would come back, we saw three spike bulls and some mule deer but nothing else worth shooting for the rest of the day.

The third day of hunting came and we got up at 4 AM to hike to spike camp. Dad said to me, “Lydia, you can’t go home to your brothers and sisters with stories of how you COULD have shot bulls. You’ll have to shoot one before we leave!” We were at our spot at 6 AM. By 7:00 we started hearing some bull bugling and it sounded like it was right over the ridge. So we climbed the ridge and went across the valley and saw nothing. But we could still hear the bugling. So we climbed the next ridge and went into that valley and there were leaves falling everywhere so it was getting harder to listen for trotting elk. So we climbed the next ridge. By then we had at least walked a mile and we were getting close to private land, but we still heard the bugling. We sat down to rest when we saw two cows across a valley running towards the bugling. Dad said, “Let’s try to cut them off!” So we walked towards the bugeling some more hoping to cut off the cows we had just seen.

Five minutes later a herd of about 30 elk walked right behind us about 10 yards away. My dad raised his gun and shot at a big cow she fell to the ground and the herd split in two, one went off the way we came and the other went in the direction of the bugling. About 35 yards away there were three or four cows and three legal bulls and two spikes. I had my gun ready and was asking dad, “Which one’s legal, which one’s legal?” And dad said, “They’re all legal!”

I rose my gun and shot at the biggest one. The bull walked about 10 more feet before dropping to the ground. I had an eye on my elk to see if it was still alive while dad went over to see his cow. Dad looked for about two minutes to discover she must have gotten up and ran away. So we walked up to my bull and sure enough it was a big 5+5. In the year 2001 my dad shot a 5+5 and this one that now was about twice that size. My dad called on his radio to our friends the Socolofskys to come and help look for the missing cow and help quarter my elk. When they found us, Mr. Socolofsky stayed and taught me how to clean out the elk while dad and Zach Socolofsky (12 years old) went to look for a blood trail. We had all four quarters off in about two-and-a-half hours. By then my dad and Zachary had met up with six other people from our group. While they looked for blood, my dad and Zachary came back to haul out the elk meet. The three guys carried out quarters. I carried some gear and my antlers. We walked 1.7 miles to base camp.

The other half of our group looked for four hours for my dad’s lost cow but there was no luck. So the rest of our group went back to where I shot my elk and got the rest of the gear and the last quarter and took them back to base camp. By the time everyone was at base camp we decided to call it a year and go home the next day. We had gotten three out of ten possible elk and it was just about the same amount as last year.

So that’s my story about the first time I went hunting.

  • Sandy

    All I can say is you go girl!!!! I’m so glad to see girls hunting!!

  • Wendy

    I won’t show my boys…
    they would have “holy envy” ;-0
    (just kidding!)

  • http://www.mytreasuredcreations.com tereza

    my daughter was asking her Dad yesterday about using guns. And her Dad said guns were fine as long as they were used for the right purpose, like hunting. She asked when could she learn how to use a gun. He responded when you are 12 y.o. (she is 4.5 y.o.) So when I saw this awesome picture of Lydia and her bull guess who I called to take a look at it?? Now she can’t wait to turn 12!!!

    Way to go Lydia!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/aliciaannjeub Alicia

    GREAT Job Lydia!!!!! I’m highly impressed!

  • Kristi Tripp

    Oh, my, GOODNESS!!! Lydia! You ROCK! Incredible!!! Girls RULE!!! 😉

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Wendy Jeub

    As your mother I am so proud of you! Thanks for bringing in the meat, that will be so wonderful for us all winter long. Not to mention how I love those fresh, free range steaks! I am also so proud of you for taking and passing your gun/hunter safety class.
    You are a wonderful person and I love you bunches!
    Wendy Jeub (The Proud Mom)

  • The McHugh clan

    WOO HOO!!! We are so thrilled for you Lydia. Rory cannot wait until he is old enough to go hunting! Now Emily wants to go hunting too. :) We are proud of you. Way to go on thinning the elk herd and keeping Colorado healthy!

  • Melissa

    Congrats Lydia! That is so awesome! This is going to be the first year that my dh and stepson go hunting and we are all praying they will catch something. Did you all hear about the new kids by the dozen shows they are doing? Mondays at 10pm. They just did one this past monday and I think they at least 3 more coming. Congrats again Lydia!

  • Mikayla

    WOOT! that’s SOOO amazingly awesome,Lydia!!!!! i knew you’d get one! (being a girl and all…;D) cant wait to hear the story!! hugs – Mikayla

  • http://www.simpleliving.blogspot.com Jason & Anna Wilkinson

    Wow! Awesome!
    We were getting to teach teach our son Judah (8yrs) to shoot the .22 but winter has set in on us faster than we were ready for (here in Alaska). So we will start with him next spring, then he and dh can go Grouse and rabbit hunting. We dont have any deer here in Alaska, but we wish they did. We do have moose. Dh didnt get to go moose hunting this year, but hope he can next year. The meat is a great help getting through the winter.
    Congrats Lydia! Good Job!
    The Wilkinson Clan

  • Beth

    Way to go Lydia! Can’t wait to read your story about it. How much did he weigh?

    Beth in Indiana

  • The Loehrs

    Good Job Lydia and what great fun!

  • Christine

    Good for you! Job well done. I won’t show my boys’ they would be jealous! I have 4 of them and the oldest who just turned 16 just got a shot gun for his birthday and the only thing he’s shot is a rabbit.

  • Grace

    Yah Lydia!! I am so happy for you! I hope that you got my letter and that you are doing good!
    Love Grace

  • Kelly

    Um..is that thing dead? I am sorry, but I am a person who dislikes the mistreatment of animals and a vegetarian. Still a nice pic of Lydia!

  • Nancy Jones

    Lydia, you ROCK! Congratulations!

  • Amber Otto

    Wow! Noah is excited that he might have such an opportunity when he turns 12! Good job! Love, The Ottos

  • Hailee Williams

    Hey Lydia, I’m a girl hunter too. Good Job!!!!!I’m 11 and live in Washington state. My brother and I did the group effort hunting last year on Halloween, last day of deer season. Great picture. From Hailee P.S. drop me a line when you have the time and also what kind of gun do you use?

  • http://www.mckinneymotors.com Jeff McKinney

    Great job young lady! That is a fantastic bull. WTG Chris!!!!!

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