Advent Film Group

A friend of mine and partner in ministry, George Escobar, is revving up to release a ground-breaking video. As leader of Advent Film Group, George has pulled together a crew of Christian students and film leaders to create a movie: Come What May. This movie is about a moral conflict a champion debater faces, and his struggle to choose what it right. Watch the trailer…and I’ll be posting more information as the movie becomes available!

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  • Sandy


  • Marcy Smith

    I can’t wait to see the whole thing it looks great!!!

  • George Escobar

    This feature-length movie was made by over 30 homeschooled students, ages 11 to 22, who were trained and mentored by 6 film professionals. It’s a new model for Christian filmmaking and a path for homeschool kids who want to pursue a professional career in cinema. Learn more by visiting us as

    Support us by buying the DVD release in 2008 or hosting a screening-party to show the movie in your home, church, or speech and debate club.

  • Auguste

    The movie looks awesome so far! Can’t wait to see it!

  • chantal

    Cannot wait to see it!