Junior Speech Tournament

All day Saturday we attended the Colorado Junior Speech Tournament. Approximately 100 kids and their families gathered in a Colorado Springs Christian Church to compete in this small, yearly tournament. It is run totally by speech and debate students who compete in the “big league,” and the competitors are between ages 5 and 11. We had six of our kids (Isaiah, Micah, Noah, Tabitha, Keilah and Hannah) compete. We had the most children from any one family.

None of our kids broke to the finals, but that’s okay. We barely had enough time this year to memorize our speeches. Though we weren’t as prepared as we would have liked, we had a great time fellowshipping with the other families and observing the other speeches. The program of speech and debate, of which the ministry I lead centers on, is a great program for home-school families desiring to train their children for a greater purpose in life. The skills learned are second-to-none.

One of the reasons we weren’t as prepared as we would have hoped is that we just finished sending 9 kids through the Chicken Pox. Along with work and Wendy’s 9th month of pregnancy, we only had so much time for practice. Lydia was the only one without the Pox, for she wasn’t exposed until we returned from elk hunting. That was 14 days ago, so guess what happened? When we returned home last night, she had pox all over her body. According to medical professionals, the most contagious time is right before breaking out in pox. So, we exposed lots and lots of people!

Funny, last year at this time we had Whooping Cough. Everyone stayed away. This year we have Chicken Pox, and everyone wants to come over and play Twister with our kids. Our midwife brought her son over last night and did a housecall for Wendy, and he and Lydia shared the same straw from a drink.

Anyway, here’s a good capture of Hannah (5) doing her speech from Junie B. Jones:

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  • Alicia

    Very nice job Hannah! You are cutest!

    I feel bad for all the people exposed to chicken pox without knowing it, who didn’t want them!

  • Wendy Jeub

    <<<<<< Well The Chicken Pox is “Out There” we didn’t invent it. <<<<<<<<<

  • Christine

    You did great Hannah! That was so good. I can’t even remember my own kid’s names let alone a book. HEE
    Wendy are you going to show the world you baby belly? Are there any updates on your progress? Or is TLC going to do a show? Take care

  • Marcy Smith

    Those people who don’t want the pox probably got the shot. My three oldest got the shot before my dh decided against them. But our 18 month old could use a dose of the chicken pox. My little sister got them
    when they where 2 and 3 and had very little of anything. It is easier when they are younger.
    I will have to check the video out later my computer runs slow so i will have to go to my mom’s and use hers.

  • Kathi Clark

    Wow, Hannah, you’re amazing!! I am very impressed. But then, you’ve got the greatest family in the world, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Wendy and Chris, how did I miss that you are having another baby? I must’ve missed some Jeub postings somewhere along the way. Well, anyway congratulations – how exciting for all of you!
    Always love to read about the life of the Jeub’s. Thanks for sending me your posts.

  • kayla

    Hannah,You are so cute.You didn’t look a bit nervous.Maybe next time you will make it to finals.

  • Gisela Bicklein

    Jeub Family :: Junior Speech Tournament was a wonderful read. I love it, I can read this stuff forever, keep em coming!