"Practicing" Chapter in Love in the House

Last week we received an email from a mom who read Love in the House. The chapter on practicing good behavior touches a nerve with many parents, for it provides solutions to some typical points-of-pain in parenting. Here’s her email…it made our day:

Hi! I just ordered your book off Amazon last week, and read the entire thing the evening it came. I loved it!!! Thank you for the ideas you put forth. I’ve got three kids (so far), ages 5, 4, and 1. I’m hoping that God will open my husband’s heart to more, but I’ll be satisfied with whatever decision my husband makes (it took me a long time, many prayers, and a lot of self-searching to be able to say that with honesty!)…

My daughter, the 4-year-old, is a huge drama queen. She cries big crocodile tears at the drop of a hat, and bedtime has always been a huge struggle. After reading about how y’all “practiced” bedtime, I decided to try it, because nothing else has ever worked.

OH MY!!! It was wonderful!! We practiced 3 times one day while my husband was at work, and he nearly dropped his teeth when bedtime came around that evening. I told the kids to get their PJ’s on and get in bed, and that we would be up in a few minutes to give kisses and say prayers, and she looked at me (with a big grin) and said, “Yes, ma’am, I’d be glad to,” and went scampering up the stairs.

I really think you could have knocked my husband over with a feather! I had to laugh at his reaction. He was so impressed that he wants to read the book now. :) No, really, that wasn’t my plan all along or anything … :)

So I just wanted to say how much you have encouraged me, and I think the wisdom the Lord has given y’all is wonderful! I get comments from people about the number of kids I have … and I only have three! As a young mom, it’s easy to get discouraged; thank you for the little pick-me-up. Or was it a kick in the britches? Well, thank you for whatever it was. I’ll be telling all my friends about your book because I loved it so much.

In Christ,
Brea Stewart

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Brea from Texas

    Thank you for posting my letter. I am so happy, because we have been ‘practicing’ the following this week: answering in the correct tone with the correct words (Yes, ma’am, I’d be glad to!), taking a nap, sweeping the floor, clearing the table, loading or unloading the dishwasher with a good attitude, etc.

    You name it, we’ve ‘practiced’ it this week. And already, I’ve been able to remind them less that we’re ‘practicing,’ because they are remembering to do it. Such a simple concept, with such wonderful results. It’s been wonderful, and the kids think it’s a huge game. They keep trying to ‘best’ each other and see who can react faster and sweeter. Thank you for this book!!

    ~Brea Stewart

  • jennie

    I appreciate your comment on how you hope God will open your husbands heart for more children. I am praying for the same thing. I am pregnant with our third child and would love more, but alas my husband wants me to have my tubes tied when I go in for my c-section. (can’t have children naturally, cervix will not cooperate!) Granted I have complicated births and this has been a complicated pregnancy, but I just feel like there are people God wants in our family that haven’t got here yet! Guess I will just keep praying!