Pinewood Derby Success for the Jeubs!

Pinewood Derby at AWANA

The Jeub Family took home five trophies last week at the 15th annual AWANA Pinewood Derby. It was the greatest derby event we have ever had!

Ken Mellott, the local newspaper’s sports photographer, wrote an article for the Tri-Lakes Tribune that made it to the front page (“Big family reaps big rewards on derby circuit“). Ken did a marvelous job explaining how we made an assembly line of cars. Winning was on all our minds as we carved away and detailed the cars, but the experience of working together was what it was all about.

Truth be known, Ken is a retired Air Force who had all sorts of Pinewood Derby ideas. He was the “expert dad” he mentions in the article who came over to our house and helped us polish wheels, sandpaper axles, and weigh the cars down to a 10th of an ounce. Thank you, Ken, for your enthusiasm and your help! As Micah said in the article, it was our best derby year ever.

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  • Maudie Smith

    My kids do this every year to . They love it! Who knew you could get so much excitment out of racing little wooden cars! Congrats on the race!

    The Smith Family
    Cameron, Maudie, Jodee, Savannah, Talyor,
    And James

  • Nicole

    Hey, my little sister did a pencil car, too!