Pray for the Works family, New Life Church, and YWAM

Yesterday morning we had one family over for church in our home. The weather the night before was tough, so we decided to hang low at home. The family who came over were old friends with the Works family. Two members of the family were the two fatalities of the shooting at New Life Church.

I spoke with Terry this morning when he knew more about the situation than the media. The Works family is a beautiful family, four daughters. The oldest twins age 18, littler sisters Rachel (16) and Grace (13). Stephanie, one of the twins, died on the scene. Rachel died last night. David, the father, was also shot and is in the hospital. Marie, the mother, was in shock last night from the events. Her sister (a closer friend of Terry’s) is on her way from Illinois to comfort. Another friend of Terry’s, a member of Rachel’s Tears (a ministry based from the Columbine shootings), is also involved.

I’ll post more in this article link as I learn of this tragedy. For now, please pray and fast for the Works family and all those involved in comforting them…


Live coverage can be listened to at 740 KVOR AM radio…visit the site here and click on the “Listen Live” button at the top right.

A pastor of New Life Church just spoke to the press. He mentioned the Works family and asked for prayer. Apparently it appears that the Works were randomly chosen in the shooting, nothing premeditated. The security guard is being credited with saving perhaps hundreds of lives, as the shooter had plenty of ammunition to continue the spree. The guard was in plain clothes and licensed to carry her gun, and she was one of about 15-20 security guards on duty as a volunteer.

KVOR has returned to regular programming, but there is a 3:00 press conference scheduled.


The Colorado Springs Gazette is posting regular articles as information comes available.


The shooting at New Life is suspected to be related to a shooting at YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Arvada, Colorado. YWAM has posted information on their website. Here are biographies of the victims:

  • Tiffany Johnson from Minnesota
  • Phillip Crause from Alaska
  • Dan Griebenow, 24, has a bullet in his neck and is listed in critical but stable condition. The fourth victim Charlie Blanch, 22, is in the hospital with injuries to his legs.


Here’s an article on the Works sisters:


KVOR broadcasted a live Q&A at 4 p.m. Here are notes I took while listening…

  • 1:10 pm Sunday: Colorado Springs officers receive calls about shooting at New Life Church
  • 24 year old Englewood resident Matthew Murray fires several rounds in the parking lot
  • Members of the Works family came under fire, where 3 individuals were shot (Stephanie, Rachel, and Michael)
  • Stephanie was pronounced dead on scene, Rachel pronounced dead later at the hospital, and Michael is stable but in critical condition presently.
  • Multiple vehicles were shot as gunman enters East entrance, several firings being made
  • A security guard with the church begins to walk down the hallway, comes into contact with the gunman
  • An assault rifle was used by gunman, shooting two people
  • The security guard fires several shots at the suspect. The suspect is taken down.
  • Officers arrive on scene and escorts 100’s of paraitioners.
  • The contents of the backpack on the shooter contained over 1000 rounds of ammunition.
  • An assault rifle and 2 handguns were with the shooter.
  • There is a positive forensics match between the New Life scene and the YWAM scene of Arvada (same gun used).
  • In 2002, Murray was associated with YWAM. Investigations are being conducted currently (over 50 so far).
  • Connection between YWAM and New Life is still being investigated.
  • Press question revealed that Murray was removed from YWAM program, but investigators weren’t willing to comment on that yet.
  • 25-30 rounds were fired total at New Life Church. 1000 rounds were in the shooter’s backpack.
  • The Works family was in the process of getting into their car in the parking lot when the shooter started shooting.
  • Commercial smoke devices were located at primary entrances at New Life Church at the time of the shooting.
  • The belief right now is that Murray acted alone.


Here are some thorough media from the New Life and YWAM shootings:


Photos of the Works daughters can be viewed here.

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  • Marcy Smith

    I am so sorry to hear about this. I will keep this family and church in my prayers today.

  • Shelby

    My heart has been so grieved since I heard about this through your blog today :(. I can’t imagine what this poor family must be going through :(. Have you heard of an address or somewhere that we can send our condolences to/through? Thanks so much!

    I have not heard of a fund or something of the sort…yet. I will post it as soon as I find out. Thank you for your prayers! -cj

  • Tori Thompson

    I knew both of those girls. I was friends with Rachel and it was very tragic to hear about it.