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When the TLC camera crew ventured into our home for nearly two weeks of filming, the Jeubs were forced to explain why we have chosen to have so many children, how we manage our household, and what we do that seems to create so much love in the house. TLC captured over 50 hours of footage but cut it down to a mere 44 minutes. Needless to say, most of what we shared ended up on the editing floor. Numerous questions for our family hung in the air after the debut of the “Kids by the Dozen” episode:

  • How do you keep your grocery bill below $600/month?
  • What other creative ideas besides the Birthday Bash do you do?
  • What ever became of your estranged relationship with your oldest daughter?
  • Wendy looks like she’s a teenager. What keeps her looking so good after 13 (in 2007) kids?
  • Your lifestyle scares the daylights out of me. Why not you?

Families of all sizes will appreciate the Jeubs’ creative solutions to raising children and managing a home. More importantly, Chris and Wendy honestly tell their life story—trials and blessings alike—that will inspire its readers to a renewed vision for family life.

In the following pages you’ll enjoy practical examples of how the Jeubs manage a family of 15–and some pretty unusual stories as well. But at the heart of this book you’ll see a deep, profound love for children as gifts from the Lord. It is this love that is a timeless example every family can learn from. The Jeubs have lived out that timeless attitude with great effect upon me, and now, upon you.

John Fuller, Vice President
Focus on the Family Broadcasting

Love in the House is a wonderful, transparent story of the Jeub family’s love for God and children and the challenges and fun of raising a family in today’s world. The Jeub family shares candidly that they are learning together to embrace God through the triumphs and trials of family life and to love without a judgmental spirit. How refreshing their story is of family, faith and hope in the midst of the world in which we live!

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar
Parents to 19 children

Boy, was I surprised by this book. I expected a guilt-inducing tome about a huge, perfect family. But as I read about the Jeubs, they seemed so normal. They’re relaxed, trustful of God, and joyful about life. They’re honest about their struggles and doubts. You’ll probably pick up this book out of curiosity at how a large family makes it in today’s world. But I predict that you’ll quickly move from curiosity to inspiration. What a great story!

Jeff Myers, Ph.D.
President, Passing the Baton International, Inc.

Whether you have children or not, you will be blessed by reading Love in the House. Wendy and Chris are real people with real family struggles. Love in the House gives you a candid peek into the home and hearts of the Jeub family, sharing some important lessons they have learned. They share their lives with the hope and prayer that you will be able to enjoy the abundant love and freedom Jesus intends for each of us.

DuWayne and Miriam Heppner
Building the Family

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About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Sheila

    Hi Chris,
                   I bought this book a long time ago and really enjoyed it.
                    I would encourage anyone who is interested in enjoying their family in a society which often neglects family in favour of work, materialism and selfish individual pursuits to read this book- not just once but again and again!

  • jenny

    I bought this book too and I really like it!