Merry Christmas from the Jeub Family 2007

I know we promised to have our Christmas letter posted LAST week. It is always a challenge to get these copies out the door in time for Christmas. We have only missed one Christmas several years ago, and we’re not going to miss this year. You can download the PDF version of the letter here:

Priscilla Love

Our 14th blessing arrived November 18: Priscilla Love Jeub, pictured here on her birthday with her playmate, Havilah. Weighing 8 lbs 4 oz, Priscilla was born extremely healthy. She now is our little bundle of joy in our home. After having twins, taking care of one is a cinch!

Love in the House

Our “Kids by the Dozen” show debuted in January on The Learning Channel. The show prompted a miraculous reconciliation with Alicia and opened a door to ministry that we wouldn’t ever have dreamed. Much of our website,, ministers to young couples and families in a unique way. Our lives are testimonies of how walking with Jesus will make parenting a wonderful adventure.

Our book released in May and has sold over 1,000 copies. We were featured on some radio shows to help push the book, but frankly didn’t have the time to do publicity justice. However, we’re pleased with modest impact it has had on families all over the world. Taking on challenges that most parents face (finances, child rearing, etc.), the book concludes with a message on love that is centering family life on where it should be: on the Greatest Commandment (loving God and one another).

Travel and Business

We took an 11-day trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota in September. We visited Wendy’s mom and brother in Burlington, WI, and then shot up to Minnesota to visit with Wendy’s sisters, Chris’s parents and sisters, and even enjoy some fishing way up in Bemidji (Micah became the enthusiast). The trip was way too fast, but we plan to travel back in April as the Jeubs are slotted to speak at the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators in Duluth.

Cynthia and Lydia help out regularly with Training Minds Ministry, Monument Publishing, and Internet Asset Management, the family’s three businesses, and the other kids will occasionally help with small projects. Our debate camps were the largest camps in the nation, and publishing has done better than ever. Still, the businesses will need one more year of good, hard work to bring them to the place they need to be financially. Chris will continue managing a close-knit group of business owners and their websites. He not only appreciates the extra income, but his clients have grown to be some of his greatest friends. He enjoys applying his MBA knowledge to building up their websites to be assets to their companies.

Other 2007 Activities

Chris and the kids have taken on a number of projects around the house. They built a guest room into the basement, remodeled the master bath, and built a zip line. Well, we’re still working on the zip line. It stretches 257’ down to our creek. The top hooks to a tree, but we built a landing at the bottom that has twice pulled out of the ground. Winter got the best of us before trying a third time, but hopefully the line will be built soon!

As you know, AWANA is a family activity every week. This year’s Pinewood Derby was extra special. Air Force Retiree friend and AWANA leader, Ken, came over to our house and helped us master the art of oiling the wheels, sanding the axles, and more secrets to making the fastest cars on the tracks. The result? A Jeub kid won 1st place in every category, and a 2nd place to boot! The Jeub victory ended up as a news article in the local paper.

In the midst of these busy activities, we reflect on the great life with which God has blessed us. Fellowship with the Creator of the universe through His son Jesus is the reason for the season! The following are more details in individual Jeubs’ lives…

Josiah, Havilah & Joshua

Josiah (3) and Joshua (2) look like the twins in the house. They’re both into cars and trucks and vroom and crash. The two are inseparable and quite a handful at times. Havilah (2), our “Little Bird” is still our cute, petite joy. She doesn’t even try to keep up with her older brothers’ aggressiveness. Besides, she has been given a playmate (Priscilla)!

Tabitha, Keilah, Hannah

Our three beautiful girls are growing up fast. Tabitha (7) and Keilah (6) come to school in Dad’s office every week while Hannah (5) is mom’s big helper on those days at home. Tabitha partnered with her brother, Noah, to give a duo at the Junior speech tournament. Hannah’s speech, “The Yucky-Blucky Fruitcake” was the family’s favorite (it can be viewed on our website). Keilah is just starting to read and write, which is very exciting for all of us. She loves the honor of coming to the office for school.

Isaiah, Micah, Noah

Da boys keep things rolling around the house. All three are turning out to be strong, good-looking young men who help construct things around the house. Isaiah (11) enjoys long hair and mystery books. Micah (10) is totally devoted to making play swords, and he’s developed quite a little business of it (he sells swords for $5-$25 to friends!). Noah’s (9) passion is for sports of which PE+ is a great outlet for him. He’s quite the puff 9-year-old and can do more push-ups than his older bros!

Cynthia and Lydia

The two oldest at home are becoming more and more busy with the family businesses. Cynthia (15) is now Monument Publishing’s Publicist and Lydia is Order Fulfillment Manager. They spend three days a week in the office doing work as well as enjoying a break from the busy home to get their studies done. Cynthia has found a debate partner for the debate season and plans to also compete in Humorous, Dramatic and Impromptu. She still loves to bake and be Mom’s #1 helper at home.

Lydia (13) has found two passions: elk hunting and film making. Her first year hunting brought home a beautiful 5×5 bull. She is currently working on an Expository Speech on the history of amateur film making, as she is becoming very good at it. She has published some videos of her family that can be viewed on She covets her dad’s MacBook (his work computer) to develop more movies. She will be launching a small business in January that produces video documentaries of toddlers for families.

Alicia, Isaak and Alissa

Alicia (24) has grown with leaps and bounds in the past year (and has taught her parents quite a bit too). She changed jobs from Monument to Denver and works for a new dentist office, of which she absolutely loves. Isaak is our adorable grandson who is a rock star when he comes to our home. His aunts and uncles pour their love on him, and his grandparents spoil him rotten. Isaak and Josiah are becoming best friends (both are 3).

Alissa (22) is having a ball up in Vail. She talks a lot about moving to California or Florida, but life is too good for her in the skiing capital of the world. Summers are usually slow up there, so to rev things up, Alissa got a job as a white-water rafting guide. Families from all over the nation came to the Rocky Mountains to have the time of their lives. Alissa definitely breathes life into those around her!

Merry Christmas from the Jeubs!

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

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    Aww, and here I thought you were just popular! 😉

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    Merry Christmas! We wish you continued peace,love, happiness and health. May God continue to bless you all!

  • Heather Mason

    Love your family update! Enjoying your book, too (requested for Christmas!) As a mother of 7, I love your ideas, and am very encouraged by your story!

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    merry christmas, really enjoyed the update.
    god bless.

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    Wow! It is amazing to see how everyone has grown and blossomed. Things seem to be going well for everyone. I hope you had a blessed Christmas!

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    Yay! Merry Christmas Jeubs!

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    I liked your book alot! My friend borrowed me a copy and I read it in one day! I also enjoyed your Christmas letter! God’s richest blessings to you and yours! :)