Mom of 10 Kids Calls Rush Limbaugh

For Christmas my daughter got me Rush Limbaugh 24/7. I stumbled upon this caller today: a mom of 10 kids. “Jean from Illinois” explained a very interesting contradiction among the population-control folks. Jean did a great job explaining to Rush how children are a blessing. Rush (divorced three times and has no children) handled Jean with better respect than I suspected. You can read the transcript here.

On another note, my mom flew in from Minnesota to stay with us for week. She’s a great grandma: she has a stack full of books to read to the kids and looks forward to doing some homeschooling with them. Tonight my mom had all my kids lined up on our two leather couches to begin reading a book that she plans to read in the next week. We said bedtime prayers and sent the kids to bed.

Family is an awesome idea God came up with.

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  • cathy

    Wow,I’m sorry I missed that call! I was listening yesterday but somehow I missed it. I would have loved to hear it! I’m a longtime fan of Rush Limbaugh, though I can’t understand why he never had any children. Divorce I can understand (though I do not like it) but not wanting any children is alien to me. If I had the means Rush has, I would have as many children as possible. If I was infertile,I’d adopt. But then again, I’m baby crazy!!! :-) I have to realize that not everyone in the world is. We are called to serve in different ways.

    Well at least he treated the caller with respect; I’m releived because I want to keep listening to el Rushbo!

  • http://principleddiscovery.com Dana

    He’s said before that he doesn’t want children because he is too selfish. He knows children need a family and it isn’t something he feels he can provide.

  • Reanna

    You know this is the second time I heard a faemous person say they were too selfish to have children.

    Rush is in good company, Oprah once said that too.

    Who knew.