Wendy's Surprise Party

Wendy was sort of bumbed that we didn’t have a big bash, but we simply said, “Well, maybe we’ll so something next week,” just to tie her over. She was a good sport about it. Of all the kids, everyone down to Tabitha knew of the surprise we had awaiting her.

We made plans for Wendy to come into the office for some “alone time” to get the kinds of things done that a mother of 14 never seems to find the time for at home. She came, but little did she know that the Jeubs invited friends to come and surprise her! They arrived at 6:30 on the other side of the office building. She hammered away at her work while we got refreshments, gifts, cake, and people to throw her a bash!

Watch the 4-minute video below and see how successful the surprise was. It is quite exciting! Happy birthday, Wendy, we love you!

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Kathi Clark

    What a great surprise! Wendy, Happy Birthday – you look fantastic!!

  • http://odellsat.blogspot.com/ Jolene

    Wonderful surprise for a deserving mother! Happy Birthday Wendy!

  • Beth

    That is so wonderful! Happy Birthday!!

  • http://www.momjustlikeyou.blogspot.com Nancy Palmer

    Happy 40th Birthday, Wendy! Your husband is so sweet! Mine is in June–I get a new baby about a month before that, so I’ve been telling everyone he’s my 40th bday present. Best wishes!

  • Kelly

    aww, that is so sweet!

  • http://Pbennet@belleway.com Peggy Bennet

    Your Husband, family and friends sure surprised you. How wonderful! Happy Birthday, Wendy! Peg

  • Kristi

    Oh my goodness! What a prankster that Chris is!!!!! Happy Birthday, Wendy! You are SO blessed!!!

  • http://www.kjllovemylife.blogspot.com Kristin

    Happy Birthday (a bit belated). May your next year be filled with blessings beyond measure.

    (from qf digest)

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