Lydia goes to semi-finals with Expository Speech!

Lydia’s Expos on Amateur Video MakingOver 600 speeches took place at the NCFCA Open Tournament in Colorado (one of three in the nation). Approximately 300 students gathered at Colorado College for a chance to qualify to the National Tournament in June.

Lydia earned an invitation to Region 3 Qualifier by breaking to semi-finals in expository speech. Her speech on amateur video making was “risky” in the respect that she depends on a video camera and our Macbook to operate correctly. She even films the judges at one point, an impressive feat.

We are very proud of Lydia and her hard work perfecting this speech. We were somewhat disappointed when she didn’t break to finals, but then we watched the final round together. There were phenomenal! We were very impressed, and we took notes for improvement. Lydia will be working hard to improve the speech in time for Regionals in Seattle. Go Lydia!

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  • mommi2one

    Wow, great speech! I was a debater and competed in extemp. in high school. I keep hoping my daughter will get involved in speech in some way when she’s older. Thanks for the great video. I intend to share it with her.

  • Mrs. H.

    Fantastic job, Lydia! Very poised…well executed. Kudos. Keep us updated!

  • Angie

    Wow! You did a fabulous job, Lydia!

  • Holly

    Awesome job! So professional and clear. You did great. Keep it up!:)

  • Mrs. J.

    Congrats on Nationals!
    I’m sure that Matt (and the other judges) gave you some excellent suggestions. I have one. The first 48 seconds, almost 10% of your alloted time, is spent with everything white. Get the audience’s attention immediately, then go into the introduction and “road map.” Your passion comes through about half way through the expos. Enjoy the entire speech!
    Good Luck at Nats! Maybe I’ll see you there.