Isaiah's Birthday Present

Isaiah, my oldest son, turned 12 yesterday. I plopped my Macbook on the dinner table and took a video of his blowing out candles (see below). It is so neat to see so many faces giving him their love in the house. Watch how Hannah gives Isaiah big hugs, how Keilah cheeses for the camera, and how Joshua is fascinated with the computer. All so much fun in the family.

Isaiah’s big birthday present was successfully completing Colorado Hunter’s Education Course! Friday night and all day Saturday was spent down in Colorado Springs working through the material. Isaiah studied hard the month before and was very nervous at his first “non-homeschool” exam. There was a lot on the line: limited elk draw is due April 1, and if he failed the test, he would not be able to carry a gun his first year hunting. Isaiah sweated it out and, with excellent teaching from his hunter’s safety instructor, pulled through. Lots of smiles in the Jeub home last night!

Well, the first kid is up this Easter morning as I type out this post. Easter eggs pepper the living room and each has a bowl of candy hidden for them to find. May God bless your day reflecting on the greatest gift to mankind: Jesus the Christ. He displayed ultimate love by voluntarily submitting to the scorn of men, all for our sake. Jesus has made more of an impact on the Jeub household than any person. He is alive and well, and He is the reason for the smiles in the house. God is love, and may you experience His love on this “Son Day”!

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Evan Brammer

    Amen! Come Lord Jesus!

  • Vicki

    happy birthday Isaiah!! I love your “littles”… So sweet and the blessed noiseyness! Hope Isaiah’s birthday was a blast! Wow.. :)

  • Beth

    While no one in our home is 12 yet, your place sounds like ours! Lotsa noise!
    Can’t wait to see a new family picture including Priscilla!
    Happy Birthday Isaiah,
    from a family in Eastern Canada!
    Come visit sometime!

  • Kelly

    Haha! Sounds like Isaiah had a good birthday. Your youngest are cute as well. How old is every one of your children now?

  • Deanna

    Thought we had something in common! Our son didn’t turn 12, but we did celebrate my number 4 son, as he turned 4 the day before Easter as well. Was a whirlwind of activity for those days, but ahhh, the memories. Happy Birthday to your son!!

  • Esther from Hong Kong

    I saw Kids by the Dozen today (1st April) from discovery Channal. I am deeply moved by the spirit in your house.

    May God bless you all.

    Amazing :)

  • Rachel

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Isaiah! I hope you have a very fun-filled, blessed year.

    Also, congratulations on passing the Colorado Hunter’s Education Course!

    Your Cousin Rachel

  • Jodi Renae

    We have five boys and one daughter and live in beautiful Colorado. We would love to know where you go to attend the HUNTER’s class that Isaiah took. Happy belated. 12 year old boys are wonderful!! Love the pies he had on his birthday too. :o) Hoping to meet you this Friday at the Dinner Theatre.

  • Chris Jeub

    I took Isaiah to Sportsman’s Warehouse in Colorado Springs.