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Love in the HouseIt has been one year since we released Love in the House: Filling Your Home With the Greatest Commandment. We have gotten a ton of feedback from readers all over the world. We pulled the testimonies together in one long post. If you’ve read the book yourself, please take a moment to post your thoughts. If you haven’t read it, please order it today!

Thank you for your amazing workshop at MACHE. It was my favorite of the entire conference. Your tips were so practical. There’s just one thing I want to request. I finished Love in the House last night, and was thinking about how much every Christian parent needs to read this book!! Please tell people that this book will change their family, because it will. I just can’t say it any other way. I’m just walking around in amazement today, wondering why I never thought of those things. It’s like the light bulb went on in my parenting, it’s incredible. May God’s blessings continue to increase in your lives, and thank you for the blessing you have been to me.

– Jessica F. (Minnesota)

We just received the Jeub’s book in the mail and I read the entire thing today! I just couldn’t put it down :-). I highly, highly, highly recommend it! I must say that I was re-energized knowing that we’re not the only family that believes as we do. It is hard to be “counter-cultural”, so the book served as a major boost for my “down in the dumps” feeling today :-). We laughed and chuckled as we identified with so many things in the book. I’m going to keep the book right near my Bible…that’s how inspirational I found it to be! It might serve as an additional source of inspiration on those bad days when we get “the look” or “unkind comment” from a stranger. Little do these folks know what they are missing! God bless the Jeub’s!

– W. Cukierski (New York)

I just finished the Jeub book Love in the House and was so encouraged/convicted. It is totally not what I expected. I guess I expected more of a “How to raise great kids” book and this it is not. I would classify it more of a “Why you should rear great children (and lots of them if the Lord blesses you in that regard)” book as well as “How we messed up with our eldest and how you can avoid the heartache” book. It was encouraging as well as convicting. I read it in a few hours last night after the kids (and husband) were asleep. I LOVED it! It pierced my heart when they talked about their separation/reconciliation with their eldest. It is so easy to fall short of truly loving our children as we get so busy trying to keep it all together. And all the while what is really important is falling apart under the quest for perfection. For those who just wonder how they do it, there are several chapters on the nuts and bolts of their household, which are encouraging to read since their ideas don’t revolve around hiring help or earning a large salary in order to function well.There is no way to really describe the whole book in a nutshell since it touches on so many topics, but it really is a worthy investment of your time to read. It is so different than most of the books out there that tell you that if you follow their “formula” everything will turn out perfectly for you and your wonderful children. Loving isn’t really a formula :-)

– Jennifer Hunt (Indiana)

If you’ve seen the Kids by the Dozen show about the Jeubs on TV (TLC), this book tells “the rest of the story.” It’s chock full of ideas on how to raise your children with the right balance of loving discipline through practical training, it reminds us that having children provides freedom, not bondage, and it gives plenty of tips to keep the family budget under control. Plus, Chris and Wendy give us a peek of what it’s like to have a reality show film crew follow you around and capture your every move and conversation.If you don’t have 13 children like the Jeubs do, read this book and you’ll wish you did!

– Renee Harris (California)

Wow!!! Our family loved this book!! The Jeubs are a normal family just like the rest of us. We loved the helpful hints on raising Children. Thank you Jeub family for being an inspiration to the rest of us. This book is a must for a family of any size.

– Mom of Six (Florida)

Just got your book today – nearly done reading it! It’s awesome! I can actually sense the love and joy you have in your family. Your honesty, your sense of humor, your clear enjoyment of all around you is WONDERFUL!!!! I don’t care how much you made last year (but by they way that is so incredible how you do manage so well with so “little”) – you are richly blessed beyond words. I look forward to more books, tv shows, website updates and glimpses into your touched-by-God life.

– Lisa Peterson (Minnesota)

Hubby and I just finished your book. I LOVED IT!! In fact, my best friend had gotten a copy of it – and you know how it is with girlfriends – I picked it up and started to read while waiting on her to get ready for our girl’s night out, and told her I wanted to borrow it when she was finished. SOOOO, after a week or two I saw it laying around her house, and asked her if she was done yet. Well, she had decided not to share. She bought me my own copy! (I have the bestest friend ever) I have been wanting to let the Lord decide the size of our family for some time – DH is not as sure (the usual concerns – all addressed in your book). I read portions out loud to my hubby, and we finished the book in about 36 hours (and I will be re-reading it often!) Your story really spoke to both of us, and PRAISE GOD he’s willing to start trying for baby #3! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

– Heather

Hi! I just finished reading your book! I loved it! You are so inspirational! You seriously live my dream life. I want tonz of babies. We have been married for almost two years. My hubby is still in school. I can’t wait to have kids. Thanks for being such and inspiration!!!

– Annie

I am very grateful to have received your book just the other day by a dear friend near your own home town. It was exciting to find the book in the mail as a surprise. My husband and I have seven of our own brood, currently all 7 and under…nope, no twins. I think recently my husband and I have been having our doubts and unspoken fears about the possibility of another little one. My friend had no idea of our own personal questions, so this is why your book has encouraged us so deeply. We have also had the privilege of watching your show on TLC back in January…What a blessing your family was to us…including every up and down. We truly saw Christ among your everyday lives, struggles, and victories.


I just got done reading Love in the House and highly recommend it!!!! It is easy reading but both Wendy and Chris weigh in on all subjects and they are so REAL. They are not a perfect family and they share how they have dealt with challenges and problems, very honestly. They cover a lot of things that we all are going through, keeping grocery bills low, finances, difficult relationships, money saving ideas, child care ideas, logistics of having many children and also how Wendy looks so good after 14 children!!!!! I found it to be really helpful and has helped me to look at some of things I am doing differently and with new ideas and an openness to do things differently.


I just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I could relate to a lot of it and was challenged to think (again) about the balance of love and discipline in our home. We werehitting a brick wall with our parenting, especially our eldest, for years, and finally realized that he thought I didn’t even like him. Now my parenting philosophy is, “Discipline them hard, but love them harder!” And we have had a huge turn-around with [our oldest]. He is such a delight; people who know us now don’t believe what I tell them about “then.” I think your book is an excellent complement to the TLC show. I’ve had a few people tell me they saw the show and didn’t feel like you were particularly religious and that you were too tough on your eldest. I assured them that TLC didn’t show everything, and now I’ll be able to pass your book around to tell the rest of the story!

-Paula W.

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About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Denise

    I ordered the book last year when it was first released. It is an easy and enjoyable read. After I finished it, my mom read it also. I love their positive message. It is inspiring, insightful, and helpful to read about the Jeubs!!

  • Ani

    I am so glad that I had the chance to come listen to you, Wendy when you came to Pine City,MN to talk about your life!! You are truly a blessing and I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family everyday!! I have 3 children and I believe they are a blessing to me and my husband!! I bought your book and the cookbook and they are both so wonderful!! I didn’t want to put the book down. Thanks so much for sharing your like with us!! God Bless you all!!

  • http://www.SewModest.org Jennifer

    I was able to watch that episode of your family a few months ago (my parents recorded it for us)

    Everything from your family was great! My husband and I really enjoyed the beginning of the program. Dh even commented “elk meat?! I need to get a deer!” (he’d only been out twice this season, and hadn’t even senn anything)

    You made the large families look happy and stable!

    Seeing the “expert” was confusing at first. When they showed the cover of her book I thought “a quiverfull book I haven’t read??” LOL. then realized it was not in our favor! I really didn’t like the negativity, but, free speech I suppose.

    great job!