Grocery prices on the rise

Wendy and I were shocked to hear that Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club has put a restriction on the number of bags of rice customers can buy (see “Wal-Mart limits rice purchases“). I used to work for Sam’s Club (many moons ago) and they are very capitalistic in their strategies, so for them to place a restriction on demand is unprecedented.

We were even more surprised because of how apparently prophetic the news was! In our presentation last Friday at the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators conference in Duluth we specifically said that we bought 100 pounds of rice from Sam’s Club. “And you should too,” Wendy said. It was when we were explaining the spike in food prices worldwide. (You can order the CD ROM here.)

Wendy and I are giving the same “Cheaper by the Baker’s Dozen” presentation tomorrow in Colorado Springs. It is supposed to be an encouragement to home schoolers to keep on home schooling. We believe that no matter how bad the economy gets, God will still provide to keep families doing what God is calling them to do. That’s the purpose of our frugal resources like our CD ROM and Wendy’s cookbook.

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  • http://www.kjllovemylife.blogspot.com Kristin

    This is really interesting news! We shop almost primarily at Sam’s for our groceries. Because space is an issue (and money *grin*), we would never buy 100 lbs of rice, but we do buy rice pretty frequently.

    I ordered Wendy’s cookbook for myself today (told my dh that Mother’s Day gift was taken care of LOL) and I am really looking forward to being able to use your tips and recipes.

    I was so disappointed to miss you in Duluth this month! I’m hoping to be able to order the CD ROM at some point in the future. In the meantime, I’ll be using the cookbook and reading your book “Love in the House”.


  • http://odellsat.blogspot.com/ Jolene

    We too do a large amount of shopping at Sams Club and having been in upper Management with Walmart for 5yrs (I’ve been a SAHM for 1.5 yrs) I am surprised at this.

    However, this is a good place to begin a well stocked pantry for those that have not started yet. Also, allowing God to provide for His children.


  • http://www.tishadeutsch.blogspot.com Tisha

    We are going to hear you speak at our church tonight and we could not be more excited! Your Kids By The Dozen show was the first one we saw and it was deeply inspiring and encouraging to us. You have a wonderful ministry through your family. God’s blessings to you!

  • Linda Valentino

    Do you think that its somthing that the govt is trying to control families on how much we can spend on food? Soon they will tell us if we can use any electricity and how much we can clean ourselves. I think that this is totally wrong.

    Are they controlling the food shortage to those that they feed in other countries too?

    Did you all know that OUR govt has been feeding other countries food since the WW2 for over 60 yrs?

    YET, they can not take care of the homeless situation and help our own people survive?

    I feel that charity begins in each others homes first. and God will provide if he thinks that you are deserving of his will.

    I feel that we should take care of the ones who really need it and become aware of those who waste things.

    Example. I was recently on a cruise for our 20th anniv. we had a nice time with some friends, and family. There was this 8 yr old boy hogging up a full plate of bacon, which is NOT cheap, he ate two pieces and threw the rest out. Do you think that this is right? No not to me, I told him I did not think that this was right he told me MY parents paid big money for what I can eat and you can not stop me!! I went to his mother and she became very irrate towards me I told her that we have a large family and we cherish everything we buy, in food and that her son was a wasteful. she said if he wants to do this there is nothing you can do. What a irresponisble person she was. What does someone do about this?

    I guess I am frugal too like Wendy. I guess that we make pasta and rice go along way. And since I dont have 14 children I know how to stretch a dollar to make it 1.99 more.

    I just hate wasteful people.

    IS Wendy ever going to put out a newsletter or a magazine on Stretching the Dollar Each Month, i think that this would survive, we would buy it,and it can be a quarterly letter sent out about how to stretch the food bills for a family of 10 or more.

    That would be another idea for you all to do.

    Thanks for your website we love you all.