Feedback from Love in the Kitchen Cookbook

I’ve received tremendous feedback from folks who are cookin’ away with my recipes. This page is devoted to posting these comments, and use the comments section at the bottom of the page to leave your own. Thank you! -Wendy

Hi Wendy! I am loving your cookbook! Tonight I made the enchiladas, they were so tasty! Usually I make them with chicken and a mexican cooking kit. This time I used minced beef (hambuger) and followed your recipe. The topping with the chicken soup and sour cream was so lovely. My children absolutely loved them. My 3 year old cleared his plate in about 5 minutes and usually he is our slowest eater! Even our 8 month old ate the filling with rice!God has really been laying on my heart recently how important it is to be a good steward of our money and that actually I have a big responsibility when shopping to make our pound stretch.

-Jane Buss, United Kingdom

I have recently bought both the cookbook and Love in the House and am enjoying both. I’m a mom to 7 and love to hear how others manage things. My kids are friends with a family of 11 kids so I find myself saying, “If so-and-so can do it, so can I.”….I just had to say I love the books and thank you.

-Angela G.

I received Wendy’s cookbook and I LOVE IT! I have poured over it and cannot wait to try the recipes! I already read Love in the House and loved that as well.

-Lisa P., Minnesota

A friend of mine bought me your cookbook as a gift. I LOVE IT! I love all the recipes and plan on trying many. Just out of curiosity… are these all of Wendy’s own recipes? [From Wendy: Yes] Or has she gotten them from family/friends and such. There is so much here. I was trying to think of what I make and I don’t think I would be able to fill a cookbook up! Thanks so much for writing this. Any more books on the horizon? Has TLC scheduled any more shows? They should!!!

Amy W., South Carolina

I can’t believe it!  I got my cookbooks today!  I only ordered them Wednesday and they are already here.  Thanks so much!  I opened them right away and immediately started looking at them.  I read the intro by Wendy and looked at the recipes.  I’ve already got a few I’d like to try.  I know the ladies will love them Sunday.  Thanks again.  God bless you for all your hard work for Him.

Jen T., Tennessee

I just wanted to say thanks you for the cookery book. I’m from England so have had to Google a few ingredients for alternatives, but last night I made a list of recipes to try and there must have been at least 20 on my list. I am mum to 5 kids, although 2 have now left home and my others are young adults/teenagers with big appetites. When we all get together plus friends there are often 9 or 10 of us. With prices rising so fast on this side of the pond (I expect its the same where you are)I am having to make even more use of what I can get hold of, and the recipes in your book will help add variety to my menus. With love to you, Chris and all your lovely children.

Helen G., England

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  • Valerie

    My cookbook and CD arrived today! Wow, that was fast! I just ordered them on Sunday. They are going to be my Mother’s Day presents from my husband and kids. I told my husband that he had better wrap them up fast because I can’t wait to get ahold of them!

  • Penny Tocheri

    Loving your cookbook! Simple, easy and nutritious! I especially love your tips as I am the mother of none children! I used your hamburger tips just this past Saturday…bought 80# hamburger from Sam’s Club, cooked up 60# and packaged into 1 1/2# packages for freezer. Added water to each pot when the hamburger was cooked, simmered a few minutes, strained and have hearty broth! I now have hamburger and broth for a year! I am bringing home 5 children from public school to homeschool for the first time and this time saving step will be so helpful! God bless you for sharing your family with all of us! Your Friend, Penny

  • Alicia

    Mom gave me a cookbook this weekend and I’m so excited to have all the recipes!! I made Wendy’s Potato Salad with dinner tonight (making only 1/4 of the amount) and it tasted just as I remember it! Perfect pairing for our pulled pork sandwiches. I can’t wait (neither can my family) to make more wonderful meals from this great cookbook.

  • Rachel Z. in Wisconsin

    My husband and I just tried out the pork chop marinade – it was fantastic! We marinated them for about 3 hours, and then grilled them on our gas grill. They came out absolutely perfect – tasty and not at all dry. I can’t wait to try out your other recipes!