Happy Mother's Day, Wendy!

We gathered on the back porch for a picture. We tried to line up everyone from the Kids by the Dozen episode photo. Here it is…Happy Mother’s Day, Wendy!

The Jeubs 2008

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Charity

    What a tremendous mother’s day blessing to have all your little ones….well, I guess, almost all…surrounding you. We are very thankful for your family and the testimony that you are to so many, and to our family in particular. Thank you for your family values and convictions.

  • Marie

    Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful, Mother’s Day! I certainly did. What a beautiful family. Everyone looks so happy. You’re doing a great job raising your children. They’re expressions on their faces speak for all the love and training they are receiving from such loving parents. Take care.
    Marie in NC

  • Sherry

    Isn’t it funny how everyone thinks that you have so many children, yet, when you see yourselves in a picture, there just don’t seem to be that many! I know that when we look at a picture of all of our children, it doesn’t seem to be enough!

    You can see us here:


    Sherry (fellow mommy of 14)

  • Kathi Clark

    Happy Mother’s Day!! I love the new pic – your family is truly an inspiration to me.

  • Richelle

    You guys are such a blessing to me. Love the cookbook. Love the new picture and how much the children have grown. Wendy Happy Belated Mother’s Day!!!

  • Jennifer

    We only have five children. Would like to catch up though. What a great familiy you guys are.
    Best of luck. Jennifer

  • Linda Valentino

    I do not have any bundles of joy like the rest of you do, but we love those little kids from others who have them. I am blest to have the opportunity to keep in touch with you all


  • Renee

    I have three little blessings and would like to have more! you guys make beautiful children! anymore?

  • Kathy

    Hi Wendy.
    > I had recently seen you’re families show on the Learning Channel. I not only
    > found it to be extremely inspirational but a true blessing.
    > Like your self I was not raised in loving home with both mother and father.
    > My father past away when I was 5 years old and my mother was left to raise 4
    > kids. Another situation where, “She wasn’t good at it.” As much as I love
    > and respect my mother today, I had found that she was the perfect example of
    > what I didn’t want to be.
    > I have been a stay home mother for 6 yrs now and like most things, you take
    > your good days with the “Not so good days”. I have two children. My son is 6
    > years old and my daughter is almost 3yrs. I find being a mother one of the
    > most rewarding jobs I have ever had. And, like most mother’s, I want the
    > very best for my children. After the viewing of your show, I was faced with
    > the reality that, what I had once thought of being the best for my children,
    > perhaps was not so much.
    > I found myself being depressed because I couldn’t buy my children the best
    > of everything. I found myself complaining that I could not get manicures,
    > and drive the best cars. My marriage was falling apart due to the pressure I
    > had placed on my husband. I even considered working away from home, which
    > meant I would have less time with my children. All because I felt like
    > materialistic things would play a large role in our overall happiness.
    > SHAME ON ME!
    > I truly believe that God was working on me the night I had found your show.
    > It was not only inspiring but it allowed me to remove the “materialistic
    > blindfold” and evaluate what is truly important.
    > I apologize for the prolonged message, but I wanted you to know how much
    > your story had influenced my life.
    > I wish you and your family the very best, life can offer.
    > Many thanks,
    > Kathy