Traveling…why not?

In our book Love in the House, we comment on one of the biggest fears people have when considering the blessing of children: TRAVEL. Those couples who choose to restrict children from their lives very typically site travel as a main reason to NOT have children. When they think of our family, they cannot imagine what it would be like to travel for, say, 4000 miles across the midwest with 12 kids. Can you?

To us, it sounds like a blast…and that’s why we’re doing it!

We were planning a simple vacation up to Minnesota. A Larson family reunion (Wendy’s side) and the marriage of Josiah Heppner (son of the Heppners, another “Kids by the Dozen” family) made a two-week vacation to the upper Midwest a reality. Since our extended family is primarily from there, we have somewhat of a system down in our travels. The kids enjoy the 14 hours of driving (no kidding) and we have the rest areas and gas stations all mapped out.

When we found out Lydia qualified to nationals (see Big News for Lydia), we contemplated finishing our MN trip early and flying her out alone to the tournament. But then Wendy and I paused for a moment. We remembered our long trips out to Virginia in ’99 and San Diego in 2000. These trips, too, were for nationals when Alicia (now 24) qualified, and the memories they built were irreplaceable. So, why were we being hesitant to travel to Birmingham in June? Yes, heat is a factor, but the kids would love the adventure.

So, our two-week trip has turned into a four-week trip, and we’re busy making the countless amount of arrangements to shore up our plans. We will travel to Elk River, Minnesota for a book signing (more on that in a later post) first, then to my folks’ in Royalton where the reunion will be. We’ll travel further north to my sister Kate’s resort for some fishin’ and campfires, then up to Warroad, MN (borders Canada!) for Josiah’s wedding. We’ll hang some more in Minnesota before making the 1,400 mile haul down to Birmingham, AL for NCFCA Nationals. Training Minds Ministry will have a booth there, too, making the traveling somewhat of a business trip.

We are all so PUMPED about this trip! Right now we are cleaning, finding arrangements for our animals, making phone calls, etc., etc., etc. Already we’re thinking, why would we hesitate traveling thousands of miles with a van of 12 children? The kids will never forget this opportunity. We will keep you posted as events unroll, and perhaps we’ll see you along the way!

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Sarah M

    We agree! We have taken 3 trips to Florida from Michigan with our children (though we only had 5, then 6, and then 7 kids for those trips.)
    Last time we even threw Grandma into the 15 passenger. That was great!
    That trip we went for 2 weeks, and people thought we were nuts!
    As I was packing, I was watching the Duggars pack their camper and trailer and van for camping and a hs convention. I thought to myself “that’s crazy!” Then I looked down at my pile of 45 pairs of underwear and laughed myself silly. Crazy is in the eye of the beholder!

    We know we COULD be using that money for something else…but there will always be “something else.” We’ve decided that the memories we build travelling with our kids are more important, and we would rather travel than look back some day and say “I wish….”

    Have a safe and wonderful trip! : )

    – John and Sarah, parents of the magnificent seven (ages 14 to 2)

  • KatieCO

    See we’re NOT crazy! Everyone tells us we are as we plan to head out with our 8 kids for a week and a half.

    Would love to see a post about some of your planning strategies!

    Have a great time – and congrats to Lydia!

  • MAJ. Jesse Carnes

    Hi Chris and Jeub family ;
    My Hat is OFF to you guys!! If you can enjoy
    driving across the Nation, that is super. As for me, I have come to the time in life where driving is essentially BORING for me, and if it is more than 500 miles away, I FLY rather than drive. Driving puts me to sleep … which is NOT a good thing. Enjoy the scenary. I have lived in Minnesota and may end up there again soon. We shall see. Christ Reigns!! <

  • David Kumbera

    Forget about the “HEAT” Take a lot of towels you will need them. The other alternative is to drive real fast with all the windows open! This is what is known as (in truck driver vernacular) 62AC, sixty miles an hour and two windows open. Seriously, enjoy the trip and congrats on upcoming nuptials. Love you all.
    Remember Alabama rains.

  • Layne MN

    I’m so glad to hear you’re taking the family a travelin’! What a precious time that is for everybody! We would like to do this with our family more (we have three kiddos now – ages 6,4 and 1) but wonder how to afford it. Do you budget for this? Or set money aside for traveling? I have a neighbor that could not “afford” to travel and yet prayed about wanting to take her family of four boys on a much needed vacation or get-away. She knew that the bills would always be there- yet the precious time with young children wouldn’t. Anyhow- after it was all said and done they returned home from their vacation to the Black Hills with money to spare! GOD IS GOOD!
    Thanks for sharing your faith (in more ways than one) GOD BLESS YOU! ~Layne

  • Charity

    Hope you have a wonderful trip! We hope to be able to take vacations like this as God continues to bless our family with more children! They truly are a heritage and gift from God!


  • Sarah

    Trying to figure out where Elk River is.. I’ll look it up on Mapquest. We live in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. It’s a 2 hour drive to Duluth, MN for us.

  • Rachel

    Some of my favorite memories involve road-tripping. In fact, we made some great memories that time we came out to visit you (Jeubs) in CO. And, I’ll never forget the times we went out to Western MN when you lived out there. Now that I look back on it, most of our road trips were taken to go visit you. Hee…hee… Soon, we’ll be taking a mini-trip to see you in Royalton. It’ll be a first for Brock and Cole. I can’t wait to see what great memories we’ll make.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!
    – Rachel

  • nolaffing

    Gas is $4.09 and climbing…..we’re in a recession heading for a depression…I don’t think too many will be heading out for a vacation anytime soon! (no matter how many children they may or may not have)

  • Jana

    Hey, if you ever come through Texas, you’re welcome to stop by!! The trip sounds like fun!

  • Michele

    I pay $4.57 a gallon for diesel. I have 5 children and we are just fine. We have no credit card or mortgage debt. We have a nice savings and no my Dh is not a brain surgeon. We are doing fine and so would a lot of other people if they cut back on what they *think* is a necessity in life (just a hint, a cell phone, internet service and cable are NOT a necessity) and learned to flow with the economy.
    We are also traveling this summer (Have fun Jeub’s! :) ) and have been traveling for awhile, just got back from Disney last weekend. Happily we are having fun with our family, debt free and without worry. :)
    God Bless,

  • Kristin

    I would SO love to have you stop and meet me when you are in the area! It looks like you’ll be driving right through St. Cloud while you’re in MN.

    I want to let you know that your story was very much an influence in my own realization that God is truly our “family planner”. We are expecting #6 in Jan. ’09 and are so looking forward to what more God has in store for us!

    And seriously… I would love to see you if you have time to stop by :)


  • Jennifer

    have a safe and blessed trip!