Google Map of our trip

This Jeub Trip will be an adventure. Fourteen Jeubs will travel in their 15-passenger van w/ trailer all over the Midwest. I created a Google Map that pinpoints the highlights of our trip (click the “more” link below). There are several things we want to accomplish on our trip that will be of interest to you. Here they are…

1. Affording such a trip. We received a downer of a post yesterday: “Gas is $4.09 and climbing…..we’re in a recession heading for a depression…I don’t think too many will be heading out for a vacation anytime soon! (no matter how many children they may or may not have).” Cheer up, nolaffing, and read my posts that will directly refute this negative attitude. There is nothing that should get in the way of the exciting adventures in life that God has in store for you!

2. Friends and Family. When you think of “vacation,” what comes in mind? I suppose most people think of tourist traps and site seeing. We will be spending 80% of our trip with friends and family. Truth be known, this whole trip started out with an invitation to a Heppner wedding…and it morphed into a month-long adventure!

3. Education & Business. There are a couple of things that we are certain to accomplish on this trip. We will spend a couple days in southern Illinois visiting the landmarks of Abraham Lincoln. We already have a stack of books from the library that we are studying now as a family. This is also a business trip and there will be days specifically assigned to ME getting work done. No, it is not 4 weeks off of work. Thanks to the Internet, this is very possible.

4. NCFCA Nationals. Hurray for Lydia! She will be competing at the NCFCA National Tournament. If any homeschoolers out there would like to visit a phenomenal group of the most impressive young people in the nation, go to Birmingham!

Click through below to view the map (and we will be adding pictures as the trip unfolds)…

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Dawn

    Sounds like a wonderful adventure!

    There is nothing that should get in the way of the exciting adventures in life that God has in store for you!

    Amen to that!! I’m just sorry to see you won’t be coming through Arkansas!! Have a wonderful time!

    Blessings, Dawn
    Wife of one, and mama to “almost” 7 blessings!

  • Michele

    Have fun Jeub’s!
    God Bless,

  • missy parris

    By the looks of the map you all will be traveling through our area in Tn. If you make a stop or need help (hopefully it will be smoothe travels) we are right there in southeast TN off of I75. It is a beautiful area and very scenic to travel. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Also will you be visiting any church in your travels or will you just have a family worship time. Our church is great if you make any stops. God bless your family and by the way I am loving the cookbook Missy in TN

  • Valerie

    I agree with Dawn – it’s a shame you won’t be coming to Arkansas! You could stay with us if you were. Be sure and post lots of pictures.

  • tereza

    we are doing the same. we are off for a week with our 3 blessings to the beach. this is our first trip by car with this many children. WE are praying for God’s grace and are expecting a great adventure as well.

    We live in Alabama. so, yeah!! maybe we will see you when you come!! God bless,
    tereza :)

  • Kristi Tripp

    The kids just found out you’ll be visiting. Jimmy said his heart was beating out of his chest, Nicole was dumbfounded and speechless and Julia could only squeal. Jared was at a birthday party, so I’m sure he’ll react later! Kate was the first to guess you were the special visitors- and she was a few months old the last time you saw her! Jacob was happily chattering about trucks and trains… so I’m thinking he’s ready to play with Joshua and Havilah…

    I hope they sleep some in the next few weeks!!!

    -Kristi for the Tripps :-)

  • Deanna

    Any future plans for CA?? Thought I’d ask :) May you see God’s wonderful blessings in all of your stops!!

  • Wendy Jeub

    Lets do the math per person per gallon.
    Okay, 14 people in the 1 car, last time we filled up the cost per gallon was $3.55. So what does that come to per person?… $.253 My guess is that most people have only one or two people in there car so their cost for 2…. $1.775. Wink – Wendy

  • Jennifer

    Looks like a great trip! I pray it will be a fun and safe one. Just got done reading your book by the way and it was just awesome and inspiring! I loved what you said about seeing the sign on each of your kids about love and making sure to tell them in a special way as much as you can. I try to do that as well and you just helped me more! You aren’t coming near me in Virginia but if that changes, we’d love to invite you to dinner!
    Jennifer – mommy to 5 blessings!

  • Michelle

    Ok, so now I am curious! How are you all traveling? I thought you sold the bus, so that why I am wondering. Guess yall are back to a 15 passenger van?

    However you will be traveling, my family will be praying for you!

  • Richelle

    Safe travels Jeubs!!! Can’t wait for the pictures.

  • Wendy Jeub

    Hello Jennifer and Michelle, It would be great to stop for dinner, thanks for the offer, maybe someday. We have not sold the bus yet but we have people looking at it. As we show the bus, we think wow this is really a nice bus/camper and ask ourselves: why are we selling it? Yes, we are driving the van with a trailer. Please do hold us up in prayer, we have a nasty cold going around, I am passing out Kombucha.
    We are taking the Emergen-C, I have not gotten the sickness yet and Chris is trying to not get a full blown case.
    Thank you for all your wonderful uplifting comments!
    Much Joy,

  • Alicia

    What is your route home?