Minnesota Is Beautiful

The leaves on the trees are fully grown in Minnesota, unlike the trees in Colorado. The travel from MN was 19 hours total, a couple extra hours from what Google Maps told us. I guess we’ll have to keep in mind that Google Maps assumes you never have to stop for gas or potty breaks.

But I am extremely proud of my kids! They were fantastically patient. Micah wasn’t feeling very well (a bad cold is going through the kids right now) and at about lunchtime he looks panicky when I said we had about 10 hours left of driving. Most times we needed to stop at a rest area between fill-ups, but we made it through TWICE from full to empty without stopping. Way to go Jeub kids!

One reason we took so long is because I took the advice of a trucker friend of mine and slowed down on the Interstate. Keeping the van at a steady 65 mph saved considerably on gas mileage. The following is a chart that I kept during the trip. I started the trip busting out of the mountains screaming at 75-80 mph. Once on the plains and through a second tank of gas, we slowed down to 65 mph. Notice the significant change in mileage: 1.3 miles per gallon! Not too shabby: that saves about 2-3 gallons every fill up. That used to not mean much, but now that’s some serious cash…

Station Gallons Price Odometer MPG
Big Springs, NE 28.35 $3.65/gal. 248 miles 11.43 mpg
Aurora, NE 28.50 $3.65/gal. 224 miles 12.72 mpg
Stuart, IA 23.93 $3.71/gal. 215 miles 11.13 mpg
Clear Lake, IA 14.50 $3.65/gal. 152 miles 9.53 mpg

You can tell where I was anxiously trying to get to Grandma and Grandpa’s. (heh)

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  • rev.spike

    Nice work brother. We have been trying that as well. A few months ago I noticed that we were filling up our van more often than we should have, but I think we were getting about 22mpg in a 3.8L v6 Windstar. When we slowed down a bit we have filled up much less.

  • Joann

    I’m just wondering how you can afford a trip with the gas prices the way they are right now??? We have 3 kids and one on the way and we cant even afford it right now. Not trying to be nosey Im just a bit facinated at the fact you have decided to travel at this time of soaring gas and food prices. Well sounds like you are having a good time. Take care. And by the way my family loves the Au Gratin potaoes recipe.

  • Kathleen

    Hi, Jeub family,

    Have a fun safe trip!
    That is great thing to do, keeping a daily journal of how far you travel plus the cost of gas so all can read how much it does cost to travel now. Also yes, cutting the speeds down, the ones that are now trying that say they really do make a saving in gas.

    Love to you all,

  • Sandy

    Clapping for the kids!!!! I know it was hard for them but I’m sure seeing grandma and grandpa madeit all better!! Praise God ya’ll made a safe trip!!!

  • Jennifer

    Hello and welcome to Minnesota. It is so great to hear about your visit to the land up North. We love when you Coloradeans venture this far up. If you happen to be passing through Chisago City area we’d love to see you. Have fun while you are here.
    Loving Minnesota but sure miss the Colorado Mtns.
    Take Care,
    Jennifer Jensen

  • Sheri S (from PC)

    My family and I drive to Albuquerque every other year in our van and it is always an adventure. I agree with the slowing down. We tried that and gained around 2-3 mpg during the trip. Sure the gas costs a lot, but the memories the kids get out of the travels are priceless. Wishing you a safe trip.