Superman on a Super Day

Today Chris and I had a lovely time spending the day with some homeschool families at Heppners Legacy Homeschool Resources bookstore in Elk River, MN. It was relaxing to spend one-on-one time with folks in the area. One mom, in particular, made our day with the counsel she sought. She was naturally concerned with the power struggle she has with her 3-year-old son. He’s a bright, active little guy, but he really loves to wear the same clothes every day: a Batman pajama shirt.

I, too, have had this issue with some of my young boys. My conclusion is not to fight them on this issue. So, I encouraged this mother to let him wear the Batman pajamas and let the battle go. I had this identical issue with my now-9-year-old son, and I even had an old family picture in my purse. I pulled out the picture and this is what this mother saw:

Noah and his Superman ShirtClick for full view

There’s my Noah at 3-years-old, plain as day, in the family picture several years ago. What a picture! And what a lesson. Noah is standing in the front row with his Superman pajama shirt, a shirt we couldn’t tear off of him at the time.

The mother’s mouth dropped to the floor. “That’s my answer!” she said. Chris said, “That’s a God thing,” and she replied, “Ya think?”

When Chris and I returned home, we saw this response in our email:

I just wanted to say “thank you” for your special visit to Elk River, MN!  I learned so much from the two of you and it restored my energy (and faith) as a parent. As a mom of 3 young children, I simply devour any information on parenting and you two are certainly full of that!  I pray that you all have a safe rest of your trip and good luck to Lydia at her competition!  Thanks again for sharing with me…it really meant alot.
P.S. I am washing the Batman shirt tonight, so hopefully I have a good morning:)

I love to encourage mothers to be the best moms they can be. It’s not about the clothes they wear (and I understand the struggle), but it’s about letting the child go through the stage in their life and loving them through it. I’m so happy to see a mom willing to look beyond a dirty Batman shirt and love her child made in the image of God. She made my day!

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  • Michelle

    That is such a wonderful story.

    Our now 10yro went through that same thing when she was 4. She had these adorable pair of ladybug rainboots that she just had to wear everywhere (mind you we were living in Louisiana at the time and it was SUMMER), paired up with a denim skirt, with Elmo embroidered on it, and an unmatching shirt. My 5yro is now wearing the denim skirt, but the ladybug boots did have to get thrown away because she wore a hole in the toe.

    My husband used to say she looked like she got dressed in the Salvation Army truck. We loved her through that phase and now she can dress herself just beautifully and even MATCH! She’s even remember as the “girl who wore the ladybug boots” now by all the old kids she used to hang out with.

  • Marcy Smith

    I too had to deal with this. My now 10 year old son at age 3 had to have his Steve shirt from Blues Clues and his handy dandy notebook every where we went.
    I just told everyone at church we do wash his shirt. And i would not have missed that memory for anything in the world.

  • Kristi

    – ya know, every child is remembered for SOMETHING- some are the ones who never matched, some are the ones who always read, and some are the ones with the Superman shirt. Let them have their moments and just make the memories! :-) And buy a couple more Batman shirts!

  • Sheri S (from PC)

    My oldest (10yro) went through a stage where he loved his orange pocket t-shirt. I went out and bought 5 of them so he always had a clean one. I did email his teacher though and let her know that he had several of the same shirt so they didn’t think that I sent my kid to school in the same shirt each day. She thought it was a supportive way to let him express himself. At least I am blessed that he has cheap tastes.

  • Maria

    I have to laugh at this one… it is so familiar to me. My first daughter was sooooo easy. She just wore whatever I put on her. All I can say about my second is that a few weeks ago we went to the food store in shorts, a long sleeve shirt… winter boots that light up a jacket and very large butterfly wings from Halloween! Ah kids… The scary part is that she was one of the better dressed kids that day hehe…..
    As long as I am not the one wearing the butterfly wings I’m not worried yet!